Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What did you score today?

I wasn't planning on buying anything... but I ended up purchasing the Rah Rah Rumba Skirt by Edme & Esyllte.

I had tried this skirt on during my last visit to Anthropologie. I really liked the skirt a lot, particularly the tiers. I was suprised really since I never like pull-on skirts because pull-on skirts always make me look FATTER than I actually am. The nip in at the waist and bulge out right under adding that dreaded muffin-top / spare-tire right around my belly button. Certainly not a look I am after.

But I was pleasantly surprised with this skirt. I would have purchased it on the spot unfortunately, they only had a size 10 (and that's what I tried on ... but I really needed a 6) so I held off.

For those looking for this skirt, please call Customer Service at (800) 309-2500. There is a glitch with Anthro's online system. When I tried adding the skirt (in the grey) to my shopping cart, I received a pop-up message advising that I've added more than what's available (or something to that effect anyway) so I picked up the phone and called CS. I was told that they've got 18 of the size 6 in stock. I also told them about the system glitch ... but when I last checked (4 hours after I initially placed my order), the glitch is still there.

If you haven't purchased this skirt, do! It's fabulous! It won't make you look fat. In fact, it's rather slimming and the tiers are so very sweet and pretty. And it's the perfect length. It comes to the very top of my knees and hides my knee fat (you know, the part right above the knee cap???) And to top it off, if you get it in the Grey, which I did, you'll be able to wear it with tights right into the Fall. Isn't this just terrific???

What a fantastic piece! ... But that was the only thing I got today. Nothing else spoke to me unfortunately.

So, what did you score in Anthro's amazing sale? Oh, I hope you'll share. I love living vicariously through others! :)

Have a fantabulous day my lovelies! Love, Karen


Heather said...

I ordered that same skirt in white this morning, along with a pair of sandals and the bountiful birds top. Then I ordered again b/c they had the earrings I wanted on sale, too. Then I hit my local store and got the aniseed skirt, bede dress in green (already have it in white so it may go back), and an Odille sleeveless shirt I'm forgetting the name of. Not planning on keeping all of it though!

JenLynn said...

I have had this skirt since the beginning of the summer and if you fear it making you appear wider try wearing it high. I place mine at my high waist (so that it isn't so long on my 5'4" frame)and it instantly gives a teeny-tiny look. Tuck a slim fitting shirt in and you are set.

DEA said...

Right there with you- I ordered this skirt as well, but in BOTH colors!! I know I know, no lack of self control here, but I'm hoping that once they get here, I'll be strong enough to return one!!