Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Things I DIDN'T Buy, Almost Didn't Will Be Buying Today....

Cherry Juice Heels
Was $138.00
Now $89.95
I've been waiting for these to go on sale for months now. I was head-over-heels in-love with these shoes about 2 months back. I HAD to have them. As recent as a week ago, I was feeling I had to have these shoes. Now that they've gone on sale, my love-affair is suddenly over. All of a sudden, they're not speaking with me anymore.

Do I get them anyway? Just in case I wake up and find out that I'm still in-love? Or do I just forget about them and way away ... onto the next love affair?
Should I buy these? I haven't yet... just in case you were wondering.

Island Holiday Dress
Was $148.00
Now $79.95

How I love this dress! The belt, the ropes, the print, the color. Love it! Love it! Love it! I told myself that as soon as it went on sale, I would pounce on it. Wouldn't it look absolutely perfect on our next Mexican vacation? I was ready to pull the trigger this morning and suddenly it dawns on me that, I have almost the same dress. Okay, maybe not quite. Similar, I'm sure. I have a similar coral colored dress from Benetton that I purchased last year and wore once. It's about the same color ... okay, it doesn't have the stunning turquoise in it. And it doesn't have rope ties and it's not a halter. The only similaries, now that I think about it, is, at most the color - and then again, it's not really this color. I'm not making any sense at all, am I? I don't have this dress. I have a dress that's close but not this dress. I think I have to buy this dress.

Weft And Warp Belt
Was $44.00
Now $19.95

Love this belt! Who wouldn't? It's a skinny belt that's caught in a wide belt body. It's darling! Stunning and cute. And what about that color???!!! Love the color! It'll go with so much. It can be dressed up or dressed down! Which so explains why I must have this belt! I've been waiting for this belt to go on sale for a while now. Guess what? It goes on sale today and I've suddenly decide not to buy it. Why??? I was ready to purchase when it dawned on me that while waiting for this belt to go on sale, I had purchased a similar one at H & M. Now that I think about it, the only similarity with the two belts is the color. My H & M belt is really nothing like this belt whatsoever. It's woven with a buckle in the front... and it's NOT leather. However, it does have the same 3" width - in this case, all around - so unlike the Anthro belt. Since I don't have a belt like this, I've decided to purchase it. Hell, since I'm purchasing the Island Holiday dress, I may as well get this at the same time, right?

What did you buy or almost not buy today?

Hugs and Lots of good shopping wishes to everyone, Karen


triciathomas said...

I usually feel the same way! I LOVE something and then that love fades as it hits the sale rack! It's so annoying "WHY CAN'T I LOVE SALE ITEMS?" I have the cherry juice heels and LOVE them!!! I paid full price so that may have something to do with it!! I love your blog and became a follower!

Anonymous said...

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Jesspgh said...

Gah I want that belt and what a deal of a price it was! I avoided looking at the sale since I don't need anything but now I am kicking myself for missing out last week.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Hi Tricia, welcome to my blog! I love your blog too and have also become a follower. You have great style! :)

Jesspgh, don't kick yourself. By the time I got around to ordering the belt, my size was sold out. I'm kicking myself even harder! I should have gotten it when I could have. Now, it's long gone. Drats!