Friday, June 18, 2010

My Anthropologie Wish List

If only I had my neighbour's money.... I would honestly burn mine!

God knows that I need their money so that I can buy everything I want on my Anthro Wish List. And since they certainly don't appear to be wanting to give any of it away (which is rather selfish of them, don't you think?) - okay, you do realize that I'm only jesting, right? Or am I??? I guess I can only wish to have these items for the time being.

Dagmar Shirtdress
I can so see myself wearing this now and into the fall. The print is simply stunning! And the color. I'm certain the color will look fabulous on me, and on you too!

Time Gone By Dress
Isn't this loverly? Sigh... Just loverly!
I need to get this dress like I need oxygen to breathe and water to live. I neeeeeed this dress!

Tambour Blouse
I love the eyelets, scalloped hem, ruffles, pleats, sleeves, buttons, color.... you get my drift.

Flight 'Round the Garden Skirt
I love the dreamy designs of Nathalie Lete particularly when it's on a skirt and I can wear it about and show the world her paintings instead of having it hang on my wall or on my table. Okay, I guess I could hang this skirt on a wall or lay it on my dining table, but why do that when more people can see her pretty paintings as I parade around Vancouver in her skirt.

Stemmed Sweetbriar Dress
Another pretty and romantic piece by Nathalie Lete. This dress, a wide brim straw hat with a Large Ivory Silk Rose, and these shoes....

Dusty Roads Mary Janes
I know, I know, I've blogged about these already but I still haven't gotten them yet and I still love them and say that I must get them... But these and the Nathalie Lete Dress would look absolutely stunning at a Society Afternoon Tea Party. Don't you think?

Note to self: 1.) Must become part of a society - preferably a chic one with fashionably dressed women and not one with old stuffy men; 2.) Society must hold Tea Parties; 3.) Learn to drink tea without spilling it on myself.

Which brings me to my first throught, if only I had my neighbour's money, I would honestly burn mine!
If you have your neighbour's money, what would you buy? Would you buy any of these pretty things?

Happy Friday my lovely readers. Have yourself a wonderful weekend. Please check back later during the weekend. I hope to post pictures of the outfits I wore this week.

Be Fierce, Be Strong, Be Yourself. Peace to All, Karen

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