Friday, June 11, 2010


Here's a few more outfits that I wore this week. Please bear in mind that the weather in Vancouver has been sucking big time. We've had rain, more rain, wind, rain, clouds, rain, wind, rain, even more rain and today, cloudy, marine fog and some clearing in the afternoon. Perfect weather if I were a piece of moss that is. Hence, I haven't been able to wear my summer clothes yet and have had to continue wearing my warmer wardrobe.

J Crew Merino Scoop Neck Sweater
Club Monaco Pleated Polka Dot Skirt
F21 Cheapie Belt
F21 Cheapie Pearl Cluster Necklace

Thursday - an even colder day - that's why I look like I'm dressed for November.
J Crew Perfect Fit Long Sleeve Tee
Anthropologie Cafe Creme Skirt
Necklace - my own creation

Anthropologie Maeshowe Dress
F21 Cheapie Belt
DKNY Fishnet Tights
Anthropologie Winding Ruffle Boots
F21 Cheapie Necklace

Close up of the Maeshowe Dress, F21 Belt and Necklace
I'm just thrilled that this week is finally over. It was a very long and dreary week. I honestly need some sun because this cold, damp weather is slowly turning me into a Chia Pet!
Have an awesome weekend pretties! Love, Karen

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