Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Love is So Confusing

Don't you just LOVE these shoes?

The moment I laid eyes on these these little numbers, I knew that I had to have them. Dusty Blue Shoes...Swoon! But what size do I get? Not only are they NOT available in half sizes, they are only available in Euro sizes - right on the Anthro Website. WTH??? Depending on the designer and style, I can either wear a Euro Size 38 and size 39. So, What size does one order for this style????

This is so confusing.


gigiofca said...

The online reviews are usually good on Anthro. Based on experience, I would go up a half size if you are in between. Unless you have a narrow foot. Probably didn't help you much, but I have consistently gone up rather than down.

Popbabe7 said...

Very nice shoes- cute and cool!

emily said...

Ohh, that is tough, because it doesn't even say the designer, so you can't even check for reviews/info on other sits like endless/zappos. Personally, I'd order the larger of the two - you can always add a foot-petal, and my feet seem to be a bit bigger during the warm time of year. Let us know how they fit!

Emily @ http://spillingthebeans-emily.blogspot.com/

triciathomas said...

Free shipping... you get both and take one back!