Sunday, June 20, 2010

HIWI / OOTD - Around the World Dress

Happy Sunday Pretties! And Happy Father's Day to each of your dads!

I had full intentions of being around and posting earlier but it was one crazy weekend for me and my fam. You see, my daughter, who by the way is an awesome ball-player (and I'm not being biased - but I am a Mom, so pardon my lack of modesty) and her team were playing in the North Vancouver Fastpitch Championship Tournament.

We started off yesterday morning at 11am. They played against the Bobcats and won that game 13-8. They then played the Dolphins in the afternoon and again won that game 17-12. Although they may appeared to have beat both teams easily, it was still extremely stressful for us parents who were sitting on the sidelines cheering the team on.

Since our team won both games, they didn't have to show up at 9am this morning. Thank God for that as we got to sleep in (though I honestly don't think that 7:20am was quite sleeping in) but who's counting, right? Instead, the Dolphins played the Bobcats and the winner - the Dolphins met us in the Finals.

Kitty and her team played in the finals this afternoon at 1pm. After the first inning, they were down by 3 runs. They kept the Dolphins to only 3 runs in the 2nd inning, scored 5 runs on them and at the end of the 2nd, the score was 8-6. At the end of the 3rd, the score was 11-8.

Pretty good, right? Er... wrong... because that where the nail biting began. In the 4th inning, the Dolphins came back and scored 5 runs on us and kept us to only 2 runs. The game was tied going into the 5th. In the first inning, both teams scored another 5 runs each and again the game was tied.

We were only supposed to play 5 innings because this is 9 year old girls team. But since we were tied, we played a 6th inning. Again, both teams scored 4 runs each and the game remained tied.

We had now been playing for 3 hours straight and the girls were pooped. We were sure that we had to play another inning when the Commissioner announced that according to the rules, in the event of a tie after the 6th inning, the team who was winning in the inning before the tie automatically wins the game.

That means .... WE WIN! WE WIN! Okay. We essentially won by default but we still win! We beat the Dolphins yesterday and although we tied them in the last 3 innings, we did come back after the 1st and was winning in the 2nd and 3rd innings today.

How exciting was that???!!! I almost cried when they awarded Kitty her trophy. It was such an amazing feeling. I was sooo very proud of her and her accomplishment.

And so that you know that I'm not just being a proud mom, I was told by several other parents that the Dolphins coaches were very impressed with Kitty's pitching abilities. Go Kitty!!!

And that's why I hadn't been around much. But now back to my HIWI - How I Wore It - the Around the World Dress.

Here's the Around the World Dress on its own.

I paired it with a capped sleeve Ann Klein Cardi, the same color as the red in the skirt which, I think, truly brings out the red in the skirt. And to futher accentuate the waist, I've donned a cheapie F21 grey belt - which also brings out the grey stripes in the skirt.

Here's a semi-side view of my outfit.

So, how do you like how I wore my Around the World Dress? How do you wear this dress? I'd love to hear how you've worn it. Please share.
Again, happy Sunday everyone! I can't believe how quickly this weekend flew by. Luckily, my business week is only 2 days long this week. Yippee!!! I'll be on vacation starting Wednesday. I can't wait to be off from work.
Until the next time, have yourself a fantastic week. Be Fierce, Be Strong, Be Yourself. Love, Karen


gigiofca said...

I've tried this dress & loved it. You look great in it. I like how you put it together.

prettyface said...

I love that dress- and it looks great on you, as well :-)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thank you gigiofca. I'm thrilled to have found this dress in my size. While I love it on its own, I don't know if I can pull it off. The bare shoulders thing is a bit much for me. I'm more comfortable with a cardi on.

Thanks prettyface. The dress is pretty, isn't it. I hummed and hawed on buying this dress and I'm glad that I did.

I'm glad you both stopped by. :) Karen

Carly said...

Karen - this is a great outfit! I love the cardigan and belt you paired with the dress. You look lovely :)

I'm so glad I found your blog. We Canadian Anthroholics have to stick together!