Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anthropologie Review - Stemmed Sweetbriar Dress

style #18544882

Like the Flight 'Round The Garden Skirt, this dress arrived the morning I arrived. Again, I was the first to try on this dress and everyone was dying to see what it looked like. I couldn't get the dress on fast enough - for I kept getting "have you tried it on yet? We're dying to see it."

As you know from this post here, I was prepared to join a Society just so that I could wear this dress. I was even going to learn how to drink tea properly - with my little finger sticking up and not spilling the tea on myself and all. I was almost prepared to join a bunch of old men if need be so that I could wear this dress and attend one of their Tea Parties. Luckily, I won't have to do any of those things now...

I had such high hopes for this dress. I was certain that it was going to be coming home with me yesterday. Unfortunately, I won't be adopting this pretty dress.

It's pretty. Very, very pretty. The Robin Egg Blue is gorgeous. The printed flower details is stunning. The style is beautiful.

It even fits true to size. I normally wear between a size 4 to 6 dress at Anthropologie and this dress was no different. It fits beautiful around the waist, the length was good ... but what the heck is wrong with my boobs????

I look like I've breast-fed about 18 kids... one after another, for 18 years straight!!! My boobs look like sad, flat, week-old Danishes on my chest. Can I look any flatter?

The SAs all agreed that I looked flat-chested in this dress. Really, you think???

I would say that this dress would look great on a larger chested girl. I, unfortunately, don't qualify.

Have you tried Nathalie's Lete's Stemmed Sweetbriar Dress? What do you think of it?


prettyface said...

I haven't tried on the dress- but it's wishlisted for me.

I think it looks really pretty on you! Flat chested?? I me it looks good. :-)

My only issue with the dress as of now is where the heck would I wear this?? LOL.

Chrissy said...

I'm so torn about this dress. The color is amazing, but I am not sold on the fit of this.

Heather said...

Large chested girl here - I couldn't wear it either b/c there is no bra that would work with that dress and no way could I go braless. I think that dress was made for no one!

Debbie said...

This dress is so pretty!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Prettyface, I'm sure the dress will look lovely on you. It's a gorgeous dress and I'm sure you'll find a place to wear it too. Had this dress looked fabulous on me, I would honestly wear it to work with a cardi over.

Chrissy, LOVE your blog BTW. The color is amazing, isn't it? Yeah, the fit is odd, to say the least!

Heather, your comment made me laugh out loud!

Hey Debbie, wecome to my blog! I hope you'll like it here. The dress is pretty isn't it? I hope it works better for you than it did for me. :)