Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anthropologie Review - Flight 'Round The Garden Skirt

style #18647396

I couldn't believe my luck when they told me that the skirt arrived the morning of my visit. That's right! It arrived just before I arrived at the store and I was going to be the first person to try this skirt on.

I asked for a size 6 and got a size 6. I double and triple checked the tag - both the hang tag and the tag on the skirt. Problem 1.) I couldn't get the skirt (which happens to be a full skirt btw, and not a pencil skirt - over my hips. I guess there's a first time for everything. I asked the SA for a larger size - explaining that I could not get the skirt over my hips.

She told me to wear it from the top - meaning over my head. Ummmmm... okay. I've never had to wear a skirt this way before ... but I'll try. Over my head it is!

No problem getting it over my head. That was the easy part. Problem now was the skirt was about 2 inches short of zipping up. Yes, that's a picture of me and a whole slash of skin between the edges of the zipper. And the skirt was short.

So, I asked for a size 10.... thinking that, for every size up, the width increases by 1 inch. So, if I'm 2 inches shy of zipping up, I'll need a size 10, right?

Er.... wrong. I need a size 8. Here's the size 10 on me (pictured below). It's lose and it's sitting a little lower on me. I should have tried the size 8 but it was just too much work in order to get the right size.

Tracy, the personal shopper at the store, confirmed that Nathalie Lete skirts fit on the small side. I guess they must because I tried on one of her dresses and they seem to fit TTS. So maybe it's just her skirt?

The skirt itself is very pretty. I love that there's pretty little beads sewn on the flowers. You can barely see it in the picture - but they're there.

It didn't come home with me unfortunately. I didn't like it enough to bring it home at full price. Maybe when it goes on sale?

Have you tried Nathalie Lete's Flight 'Round The Garden Skirt? What do you think of it?

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