Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anthropologie Review - Anthurium Blouse

style #013282

I had missed out on the same blouse in the Fall of last year and was determined not to miss out on it this time around.

By the time the blouse went on sale, all that was left in the Blue colorway was a size 4, 6 and a 10. Knowing that this blouse fits small, I ordered the size 6 in the Blue.

But when I arrived at the Anthro store in U Village and saw both the size 6 and size 8 sitting there on the rack, patiently waiting for my arrival, I immediately made grabby hands.

Not only did they have the blouse in my size in the blue, they also had it in the cream, so I tried both on.

This blouse certainly runs on the smallish side. While the size 6 fits in the waist, the upper part of the bodice - particularly the shoulder straps were loose. The blouse is designed in such a way that you simply cannot shorten the straps without damaging the design of the lace.

So I tried on the size 8. The size 8 is somewhat looser in the waist but because I am able to pull the blouse down somewhat, I was able to get the straps to sit nicely on my shoulder.

Between the Blue and the Cream colorway, I certainly like the Blue much better. The cream is nice but the blue shows off the details so much more.

Below are pictures of me in the Blue as well as the Cream.

I personally like the blue so much better - hence, it came home with me.
Have you tried the Anthurium Blouse on? What do you think of it? Do you like the Blue or the Cream?


gigiofca said...

This blouse is very pretty. I like the creme, but see why blue has been the most popular. It looks great on you.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Hi Gigiofca. Thanks. Do you remember it in the pale blue? I was going to get it then but I think I like the dark blue much better. I can't wait to wear it.