Monday, May 31, 2010

La Spagettaria, Bob Newhart and the Newest Addition to our Family

Happy Memorial Day, my US based friends.

I wish I had the day off too! But Nooooooo, I'm at work! We had last weekend off instead. As far as I'm concerned, every weekend should be a 3 day weekend, don't you think???

I had a date with Honey on Saturday night. We went to dinner at La Spagetteria in New Westminister and then to Bob Newhart, playing at the Red Robinson Theatre in the Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam.

Dinner was nice - but I had expected nicer. Not that there's anything wrong with the La Spagetteria, it's just that I had expected different. I was looking for authentic Italian cooking and I got The Spaghetti Factory.

I knew that it wasn't going to be quite what I was expecting when the half-liter wine we ordered arrived in a decanter the shape of a mini Milk Jug - only clear. The glasses were these teeny old-fashioned cut glass that's supposed to look like cut crystal that accommodated about 4 sips of wine. Interesting. Not what I had expected at all.

I was torn between the Tomato Bocconcini Salad and the Antipasto plate but when I was told that the Antipasto plate came with Tomato Bocconcini, I decided to go with the Antipasto. Unfortunately, they failed to tell the Chef that because my Antipasto arrived without any Tomato Bocconcini.

Our favorite dine-out meal is Italian. That said, I've had my share of Antipasto and the Antipasto plate here, was by far, the saddest one I've ever had. 4 thin round slices of Italian Cured Meats, 2 Mussels, 1 Clam, 4 slices of pickled peppers and quarter head of pickled Cauliflower sat on a bed of shredded lettuce. The meats were good but that was about it. There simply was no love happening on that plate of antipasto whatsoever.

My husband ordered his usual - doesn't matter what Italian restaurant he goes to, he always, without fail, orders the Penne Salsiccia. I ordered the Fettuccine with Scallops in a Saffron Cream Sauce. Both pasta orders were okay. They weren't bad. They weren't great. They were okay. They reminded me of pasta I would get at the Spaghetti Factory - big portion with little flavor.

The best part of my meal with my Creme Caramel. I LOVE Creme Caramel and they did it beautifully. The custard was smooth, creamy and satiny and this small delectable island sat in a puddle of rich, delicious caramel. The desert itself made up for the shortfall of our meals.

While I had a nice time (I love the company!), the food was mediocre at best. That said, I don't think that I would be rushing back anytime soon.

We left the restaurant and drove to the Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam. Although it's been around for a while, I have never been to the Boulevard. Walking in immediately reminded me of being in Vegas - only smaller. Much, much, much, much smaller. Actually, even smaller than Reno, Laughlin or even Wenover for that matter. It was tiny, tiny, tiny. Miniscule.

I honestly didn't know what to expect when my husband announced that we were going to watch Bob Newhart's stand-up Comedy act. Upon arrival at the theatre doors, I noticed that I was the youngest person there. I was standing in a sea of silver-haired folks. Not that there's anything wrong with that!!! It was just different, that's all. I just hadn't expected that! Honestly, I didn't quite know what to expect. I guess I was expecting people our age.

There appears to be an "Aged" theme with our dates lately. A few weeks ago, on another Date Night, my husband and I attended The Eagles Concert. Awesome Concert! But yes, yet again, I was one of the youngest people there. It's either that we have "Old" taste or that we're old. When did I turn old???!!!

Anyway, back to Bob Newhart. He's very funny! The last time I laughed this hard was when I watched Russell Peters. I've always found Bob's humor to be a little drier but Bob had me in stitches from the moment he stepped on stage to his encore. It was an awesome show. But like all shows meant for old people, the show ended at 9:30pm. 9:30pm???!!! What the heck???

Anyway, here's what I wore.

Dress: BCBG Max Azria
Shirt: some F21 cheapie
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace & Bangles: J Crew

During the weekend, we also had the opportunity to spend some quality time with the newest addition to our family at the Breeder's place. Here are a few pictures of our visit with our little kitty cat. We don't have a name of him yet.

He's a purebred Bicolor Lilac Ragdoll. He was born April 12 and is 8 weeks old today! He's 2 days shy of 8 weeks in the pictures below. He's sooooo cute and sooooo sweet and we can't wait to bring him home to live with us.

Here's a picture of his momma cleaning him. He kept wiggling and moving around. I guess she must have gotten tired of his antics so she clamped her paw on him to keep him still so that she could clean him. How cute is that???!!!

It's so hard to get a picture of him. He kept moving. Sorry for the blurry pictures. His furriness doesn't help either since it makes him look even more blurry than he actually is.

Here's my daughter Kitty holding Kitty.

And more of Kitty and Kitty.

Again, more of the same.

He's soooo cute. I couldn't help but take pictures of him. And once I took the pictures, I knew that I had to share them. Sorry that there are so many.
Hope you all had a great weekend! Peace, Love and Joy to all. Hugs, Karen


gigiofca said...

Good seeing you. Cute, cute kitty! I admit I thought Bob had passed on. Oops. Don't think of him & the Eagles as old. Just vintage. ;-)

merium said...

gosh~i haven't eaten there in years! it used to be a great place for dinner~did it change hands? adorable kitten! that's just cuteness overload!