Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm In Love & OOTD

Good evening my lovelies! I hope this Wednesday evening finds you well.

I must apologize for being MIA of late. As always, I'm swamped with work, helping Kitty with her homework and trying to get ready for our Florida vacation.

I'm also involved with several product launches and new programme implementations at work ... so all around it's a pretty crazy time. While part of me feels that I should possibly get away for a 2.5 week vacation, the other part of me says that I must for if I don't, I honestly think I'm going to lose it! So yes, the vacation will do me good.

Furthermore, I honestly cannot handle the numerous Road closures as a result of the upcoming Olympics. My lovely 20 minute door to door commute from North Vancouver - downtown has now turned into a 40 minute nightmare!

To get to my parking lot, I kid you not, I honestly have to go through 3 Security Checkpoints in a span of about a kilometer. I understand that Security is necessary and is good, it's just a little too much for me to take at this point, that's all.

And since I'm now on a roll, Honey tells me yesterday that he's leaving for TO on Friday and will be back Wednesday! That's the day before we leave on vacation! Waaaaaah!!! With everything that's going on right now at work, with Kitty, the vacation and now Honey's not going to be around for 5 days, OH MY GOSH! That Vacation cannot come soon enough!


Thanks for letting me get that out of my system. I honestly had no intentions of venting but once I got typing, man, it was like Verbal Diarrhea, it all came gushing out! Okay, that was a very bad visual. Sorry.

So, let's get back to me being in love. What a better topic!

So my boots arrived today! My Winding Ruffle Boots. And.... I ABSOLUTELY, FREAKING, 100% WITHOUT A DOUBT, OH MY GOSH, I'M OVER THE MOON IN LOVE WITH THESE BOOTS!!!

I remember seeing them sold on eBay for some crazy $400+ dollars a couple of months back. No doubt that they were a size 10 and that size 10s are very difficult to find; so, when I saw them sell for that price - in an auction that stated that Anthropologie was COMPLETELY sold out of them, I was hell bent to find a pair for moi!

I checked online and sure enough, the boots were no where to be found. I called CS and told the lovely CSR who answered that I was looking for a pair of the Winding Ruffle boots. Before I could even tell her the style number, she proclaims that she knows exactly the ones I was talking about. She asks me for my size and advises that they have one (1) pair. I asked her why the boots weren't online and she told me that their stock was so low on these boots and that's why they weren't online. I asked about the price and was told they were $258.


While they were a steal compared to the ones sold on eBay, they were still a lot of money so I decided to pass on them.

After obsessing over them for several days, I called back to find out that my size had sold out. I was "kicking myself" mad!

I guess it was all meant to be because about a 6 weeks later and after much obsessing, I found them in the Soho store, on sale, to boot! No pun intended!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these boots! They are by far, the most darling pair of boots I've ever owned.

I have muscular calves and most boots don't fit me. I'll be lucky if I can get them half way up my calves. But these boots fit me beautifully. I love these boots on sooooooo many levels. I love the distressed leather, the faux laces and definitely the ruffles. The ruffles - particularly how they curve around my ankles and up the side of my calves - Wow! Do I ever love that!

Anyway, here are a few IRL pictures of my newest boots. Having had a rough day, I just didn't have it in me to try to pretty it up with an outfit. I just wanted to show you how lovely these boots are. And the even crazier part is, I wouldn't part these boots for $400+!!! And that's saying a lot!

Do you own the Winding Ruffle Boots? If you do, what do you think of them? Don't you just freaking LOVE them???!!!

And here's my outfit of the day. I was plain boring in the lower half of my body so I didn't bother to take a full length picture. But I wanted to share my Lace Bebe blouse with you.
I don't normally shop at Bebe. It's simply not my style but I had to get this lace blouse when I saw it. This will likely be my first and last Bebe purchase.
One of the FFMs (Fashion Forward Managers) in my office commented that my blouse certainly didn't look like it came from Bebe. She honestly thought that it was Anthro. Come to think about it, I think it looks quite Anthro as well. I think the Antique Ivory shade coupled with the double lace detail on the sleeves and the hem reminds me of something one would find at Anthro. So here's what I wore today:

Lace Blouse: Bebe
Long Sleeve Perfect Tee: J Crew
Belt: F21
Pants: Reitman's
Knee Socks: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Oxford T-Straps by Report
Necklace: Ann Taylor
Well lovelies, thanks for putting up my my crazy rant this evening. I hope you love the Winding Ruffle Boots as much as I do. Until tomorrow, have a lovely evening and even lovelier Thursday.
Good Night!


Patti said...

Ok, even more jealous of the boots after the IRL shots. ARGH! I suppose you'll have to enjoy 'em for you & me both!

prettyface said...

HAHAHA I looove when that happens- you were MEANT to have those cute boots!

I used to like some of BEBE's clothes, but now it just looks cheap and TRASH. I love that lace top, though. You're sucha doll!

green_dino said...

i LOVE those boots!!!

Alana said...

I read your blog all the time but have never commented. Love the boots on you!

How do you get CS to track stuff for you if you are in Canada? I live in Canada also and they won't do it for me, nor will they do a charge-send! What is your secret?? What CS number do you call?


post-fab princess said...

Gorgeous boots! I think you've found your sole mate. hee hee

kanishk said...

Love the boots on you!

ladies lingerie

Patti said...

I found myself a pair for Winding Ruffle boots!! They're on their way to me right now!! I REALLY hope they work for me - the pair I found is half a size bigger than I usually take, but some of the reviews said they ran small... Cross your fingers for me!

Did you put any sort of protectant on yours?

Anonymous said...

The boots are fabulous, but aren't you wearing rainboots mostly these days? ;)

I love that lace top on you, you're really rocking it!

Slastena said...

It's been a while sicne I shopped at bebe, but that lace blous eis scumptious. Love the overall styling. Boots are awesome!