Monday, January 4, 2010

Will it be on Sale tomorrow? ... and OOTD

Am I the only one or are there more like me?

You know... the ones that wait anxiously for a hint of the next Anthro Sale. Oh My Gosh, I kid you not, I'm worse than a kid on Christmas Morning. I literally wait on pins and needles for scoop of the next sale.

Let's face it, with my Anthro addiction, there's just no possible way that I can buy everything I want so waiting for a sale is truly the way to go for me. It allows me double my buying power when I shop during a sale.

There's a bunch of things I've been on the hunt for for quite some time now and I keep hoping that they'll go on sale. Some of the things I want will be on sale, however, not all.

Here's what I was able to find out. (Now, please don't quote me on this. This is just what I was able to find out after much digging):

The following items should be marked down tomorrow. Unfortunately, I don't know what the prices will be:

Verite Dress
Head in the Clouds Cardigan
Nell Pants

I was also told that a number of "dressy" dresses will be on sale tomorrow.

These items, though I have been coverting them for ages now, unfortunately will not be marked-down.... URGH!

Scalloped Cloud Skirt
Ice-Capped Blouse
Scalloped Dots Skirt
Bustling Avenue Dress

Anyway, that's just a quick update on what I was able to scoop out tonight. I'd love an update if you hear of anything new or if my source is off.
Is there anything you'd hoping to score on sale tomorrow? Is there anything you've been holding out to buy until it gets marked down? Please do share!

Here's today's outfit. I would normally take my pictures in the morning before I leave the house but I was finding that it's impossible for me to try to take pictures in the morning because I'm constantly running around like my head's cut off so I've decided to try taking it in the evening. My outfit's looking a little sad after a day at the office.

T-Neck: Old Navy
Skirt: Smart Set
Belt: F21
Tight: Aldo's
Shoes: Oxford T-Straps by Report

Well lovelies, tomorrow ought to be a very exciting day. I cannot wait to see what Anthro unveils on sale. For those of you looking for specific goodies, good thoughts go out your way so that you're able to score exactly what you want.

Please do come back and tell me what you scored. Have a lovely evening. Good Night!


Anonymous said...

You look so cute! I have to tell you I laughed out loud when I read your line, "running around like my head's cut off" followed by the pic of you minus your head!

Happy New Year and Happy Shopping!

green_dino said...

No, you are not the only one who waits for a sale. I am in your boat. Probably won't be able to sleep well in anticipation =) Too bad free shipping ended in Dec.

Lady Cardigan said...

I always check the sale! I was giving some thought to buying the Decorating Committee cardigan if it went on sale, but I don't see it on the site anymore so I guess it already sold out.

Chloe said...

GREAT outfit! I love your shoes with it- it's a bit unexpected and funky, but in a very awesome way.

I can never get too excited about Anthro sales online- my size typically sells out in, oh, about two nanoseconds. *sighs*

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thanks CK. Your post made me laugh my head off. No pun intended. LOL!

Green Dino, glad to see that we can all egg each other on. I too had difficulty sleeping - hence I was up at 5am.

Lady Cardigan, I know you've been scouting out the Decorating Committee Cardi for a while. While it's sold out online, chances are, the stores will likely have them so I would certainly call CS and see if they can help you find the cardigan. Good Luck!

Thanks Chloe. You're truly my inspiration. I love your daily outfits. Sorry to hear that your size sells out so quickly. That said, I would give up my right eye to be your size and look like you. Will you take an eye in trade? :)