Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whoot! Today's Anthro Purchases

I am beyond thrilled today.

I woke up this morning to an awesome Anthro sale. While part of me was hoping for a sale, another part of me was thinking.... "I've been waiting sooooo long for some of these things to go on sale, I doubt very much they will anytime soon." And I was soooooo wrong!

Okay, some of my most coverted items still haven't gone on sale but Oh My Gosh! I've been waiting for some of these things for soooooooooo long and they finally went and sale and I snatched them up immediately.

Bustling Avenue Dress
Reg $148
Sale $69.95

I cannot believe this dress is finally on sale! It's on Sale! I almost have to pinch myself. And seeing on the sale page is like being in a dream. It's almost sureal. And it's mine! Mine! Mine! Finally!

Winding Ruffle Boots
Reg $258
Sale $129.95

I can't wait to receive these boots. I've been waiting forever for these and I'm beside myself that I was lucky to have found them in a size 8. I can already picture myself wearing these with about a million outfits. Okay, maybe not a million, but a lot.

Verite Dress
Reg $158
Sale $79.95

I really love this dress. Let's hope I can pull it off. Afterall, I have the perfect tights (pindot tights) and shoes (Flaxen Wedges) to go with this dress. Unfortunately, I don't have the Tick Tock Cardi. I need to find that Cardi! Damn!

Juxtaposed Sweater Jacket
Reg $98
Sale $49.95

There's so much I love about this jacket... the color, the off-kilter zipper, the pom-poms, the braiding, the pleated collar. And only after I ordered it, that it dawned on me that this sweater had 3/4 length sleeves. Argh! Let's hope it works. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm sure it's no secret that I'm thrilled to bits with my purchases. I'm trying desperately not to be too excited because I've purchased a few duds lately, ie. Gathering Together dress (Yuck!) along with a few others. I'm hoping that I'll love these in person as much as I love them online.

Well Pretties, what did you buy today? Please share!


Mikaela said...

i love those boots!! they are so unique.

C said...

I haven't bought anything and all I am wearing to work lately is black pants- dull. I really like the top of the dress and I like the asymmetrical sweater jacket. Maybe the sleeves will be OK; they do not look like 3/4 sleeves in the photo.

roxy said...

FANTASTIC haul. So jealous that you got the boots, I hope you love them. I got the Tibur Cardigan, the Aegis Tank, the Finishing Touches Top, the Gulliver's Blouse and the Old & New Necklace. And all before my BF noticed I'd taken his CC. mwahahaha.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thanks Mikaela. I love those boots too! Let's hope they fit my muscular calves.

C, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the sleeves will work out. For some reason, I've purchased a few duds (on me that is) lately and I'm hoping that these will work out better. I will be doing a post on my dud purchases soon. lol!

Hey Roxy! I'm jealous about your score! You did great! I love the Tibur Cardigan. Lovely colors! I came this close to buying the Aegis Tank but decided against it because I had already spent too much. BTW, I'm super jealous of the Gulliver's Blouse. I really (x100) wanted that blouse but could not justify the price - even though it's on sale. I love that blouse!

BTW, I got the boots from the Soho store. I live all the way on the other side of the country but ended up getting the boots from your neck of the woods. That's soooo cool!

Anonymous said...

Oooohhh I love your newest snags!

I've been trying (desperately) to not buy anything new. So I settled for 36 new velvet hangers at Winners on Sunday and a new sweater de-fuzzer tonight. YAWN I know!

Luckily I can live vicariously through you! Can't wait to see your IRL post wearing all your fab finds!

green_dino said...

LOVE THE BOOTS! I didn't know they were on sale. Now I'm gonna have to call CS and stalk the stores. BTW, how do you like the budding t-straps?

Mandy said...

Question from a fellow Canadian- will Anthro ship sale pieces to Canada from their website? I've never ordered from their website before (only bought instore when I'm in the US) but I always get directed to the CDN website, which doesn't seem to have the sale section.

There's a top on sale I'm drooling over!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

CK. You are sooooo good. I wish I could be good but I'm just downright bad! LOL! Velvet Hangers are a luxury! I have no velvet hangers just thick plastic ones. Hey, maybe we can share a closet. My clothes and your Velvet Hangers. We'd have an awesome closet. How we only need to find someone wit one of them built in shoe slots. We would have one rocking closet!!!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Hey Green Dino How's it going? Sorry for being MIA. Work and home is pretty nuts right now. So my apologies for the tardy response.

Yes, aren't those boots nice? I got them from the Soho store but I know that a small handful of stores have them. Just call CS and they will be able to help you. Hey, we're becoming Shoe Twins. Cool!

You won't believe this. I still haven't gotten my Budding T-Straps yet. I called the Irvine store late last week and they told me that the shoes were shipped on Jan 15 ... even though I had purchased them on Jan 6. That's just freaking ridiculous. I was supposed to wear it to a wedding on Saturday but because I didn't have them I couldn't. I was super bummed out. I'm still waiting for them to arrive. How are you enjoying your Budding T's?

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Hi Mandy, Anthro will ship to Canada but at a crazy shipping cost. It's something like $48 and I refuse to pay $48 for shipping. Hell at that price, I could have gotten another skirt.

So, I get my stuff shipped to me to a receiver in WA state and I cross the border to pick it up. Sometimes I get charged duty, sometimes not. I guess it depends on how much I'm bringing back with me and how nice the Customs Officer is.

I have purchased directly from their website but I mostly purchase from their US Stores. The US Stores will only ship within the US and will not ship to Canada so unless you have a receiver in the US you cannot have a store ship to your home.

As for accessing the US site, you need to click on the link at the bottom of the page where is says "Proceed as US Customer".

Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask away. I will gladly respond.

Have a great day!

C said...

I did go peruse the Anthro site after your post and the sweater is gone, so I did not have to think about whether I REALLY liked it enough to want it for myself. A few summers ago I liked all their flowy tops and printed skirts, but that passion ran its course and I seem fairly immune to Anthro....there is a $178 dress that looks nice, but I am not feeling compelled to get it. Now I am back to my fixation with purple.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Hey C, just curious, which sweater was it that you were coverting? Without appearing like an enabler, were you aware that you can actually call CS and have them help you locate it? (that is if you're still madly in-love with it, that is?)

You're a lot stronger willed than I am. When something I've been coverting is sold out, I'm like a crazed woman. I will uncover every rock (okay, in this case stores) to find my item. I will not let it rest until I get what I lost. Nuts, isn't it?

I wish I had your will. :)

BTW, I LOVE purple and I mean, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, purple too!

green_dino said...

I called CS but unfortunately it looks like the boots are sold out in my size - 6.5 and 7 =( I was at the Irvine Anthro store on Tue and saw the budding t-straps in 7,8 and 9. I wonder why it took them so long to ship.

I ended up with a size 6 and they fit nicely. It's been raining in CA so I haven't worn them yet. They are lovely though.

OT - there are some cute t-straps on Endless by Seychelles. Currently 20% off and you can go through ebates. They're called "trip the light fantastic." Amazon has some by Chocolat Blu that are cute too. Those are called Olivia Pump. As you can see, I have shopaholic tendencies as well =)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Green Dino, I'm sorry to hear that the boots are sold out in your size. That's no good! If you've got your heart set on these, try CS again next Monday. They update their store inventory on Sunday nights and the most up to date info is usually on Monday - though sometimes they have been off. I should know because they told me that a particular store had these Lilac Ombre Heels when the store were sold out of them for months. But it's worth a shot if you're still obsessing over them. Good Luck! :)

With respect to the Budding T-straps, I honestly hope the 8s fit when they arrive. It looks like you had to go down half a size didin't you. I'm a true size 8 so I'm hoping that these are going to fit. I'm keeping both my fingers and toes crossed. I called the store to complain about the delay in my shipment and they were kind enough to refund me my shipping fee as well as a 20% discount for the delay. If I were a betting girl, I would have to guess that my shoes were placed somewhere and missed hence UPS didn't pick them up until a whole week later. I'm pretty choked about it but I'm quite happy with my small discount. Now let's hope they fit!

I've been reading and watching the horrible weather you're getting in CA. I heard that there was even a funnel cloud / tornado. I hope you're not close to where all the flooding is.

Thanks for the info on the Seychelle T-Straps and the Chocolat Blu at Amazon. I'm going to go and check those out right now!

With our shoe obsessions, I really starting to think that maybe we were separated at birth. lol!

green_dino said...

I think the budding t-straps fit true to size. I only ended up with a 6 because I couldn't find a 6.5 anywhere!!! I tried a 7 and it was too big. I hope yours fit!

That was nice of them to give you a discount! The people who work there are pretty nice. Although I'm afraid they're starting to recognize me...

We actually had a tornado in the neighboring city but it wasn't too bad. Luckily I don't live in the fire areas where they are in danger of mud slides...

C said...

I was talking about your "Juxtaposed" sweater..... I can get obsessive about finding something in the correct size if I decide I definitely want it and get the wrong size. I know that that if you are really persistent, some one, some where, will return what you are looking for and you can get it. LOL.