Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Swoon List - hopefully to be a start of a regular weekly post.

Happy Wednesday my Lovelies! I hope you're having a wonderful day.

Thanks to everyone who commented and gave me their thoughts on my Crazy Story Post yesterday and a huge thank you to lbi who kindly posted the link to a pair of Purple Suede Franco Sarto's. I never knew they came in Purple. But now that I know they do, stay out of the way girlies, those shoes are mine! mine! mine!

The purple Franco Sarto's will go with a ton of stuff I ready own and what a great pop of color too! I love them!!! Thanks again lbi!

Thinking that I cannot possibly love Anthropologie anymore than I do already, what do they do? They launch a line so incredibly pretty that caused me to forget that I'm a sale shopper. I had a temporary brain lapse where I had visions of me paying full prices for these beautiful items.

I'm serious when I say that this line is soooooo incredibly pretty that I'm seriously considering getting them now!

Okay, not right now, right now, but soon, right now. As you all know, I'm headed to Florida next month - in 2 weeks and 1 day to be exact (jumping around with joy!) and I'm going to make sure that I get myself to an Anthropologie so that I may try on these darling items.

Aren't they to die for????

I've decided that I'm going to start including item numbers to my Swoon items so that my awesome readers have an item number - should they need to locate the items by item number at a later stage.

So here's my first weekly Swoon List.

I love 3 things in this picture. They are:
Four Petal Cardi
style #010051

Pollen Promise Skirt
style #020010

Acrobatics Wedges
style #040025

Bucolic Denim Skirt
style #020024

Pictureshow Dress
style #013035

Blazing Rays Dress
style #030009

Collected Calico Dress
style #030010

Grasslands Dress
style #030014

Plains & Prairies Dress
style #030021

Cherry Juice Heels
style #040039

Acrobatics Wedges
style #040025

Halfsies Heels
style #040021

So my lovelies, have you had a chance to check out Anthro's latest offerings? What do you think of them? What's on your Swoon List?

Until tomorrow, have a very lovely Wednesday. May the rest of your week zoom by.


Suzy Q said...

Oh, sure, I had lived a long and happy life without purple shoes. Now I m-u-s-t have them! (Hopefully we don't wear the same size since we both seem determined to make them ours.) Please, my wallet begs of you, don't show me any other cute things!

kanishk said...

Love the OOTD and the connie shoes....

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