Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scoop: Cross Your T-Strap Heels

As you know, I'm on an Anthro Shoe kick ... okay Shoe kick recently and for some crazy reason, cannot seem to stop buying shoes.

So while on the phone to Anthro Customer Service today, I found that these Shoes, the Cross your T-Straps Heels which were regularly $90 are now $44,95! I'm not sure when they got marked down. Regardless, ... Oh My Gosh, what a steal!

Unfortunately, they don't have it in my size. But I know that there are other sizes still available online as well as in the stores.

Since I know that some of you have expressed interest in these shoes, I thought I should share the scoop with you. The Item number is: 940082.

Do call Customer Service quickly if you're still searching for a pair of these. Good Luck!

I will post my OOTD later today. Have an awesome day girls!


green_dino said...

Wow - what a great price. I called CS about the budding t-straps. They didn't have any left in 6.5 but I found a 6 and 7. I hope one of them fit!!!

I wonder if there is a way to confirm the price of the Cross Your T-Strap. They're full price on Endless but they price match.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Hey Green Dino, I was told of the price by the Anthro CSR. The price unfortunately is not on the website. I honestly don't know how to price match on something that's not published. Can Customer Service find one for you in your size? That way, you won't have to price match. But you've probably done that already (silly me) otherwise, why would you need to price match. Blush!

Congrats on the Budding T-Straps. I hope they fit you nicely. Please let me know how it works. I'm interested.

Good Luck on the Cross Your T-Straps. Let me know if you find a way around it.

green_dino said...

After I saw your post I called CS. They found a store in Minnesota that had them but the SKU is the same for all sizes. So no guarantee that they'll have them in my size. I'll call tomorrow to find out.

Thanks for your help. The more I read these blogs, the more shopping damage I do...

Jennifer said...

Hi Green Dino..i know i am very late but i just started reading blogs and was wondering if you kept the size 6 or 7 of the budding t-straps? I have been in search for 1 for many months now. Please email me if you kept both and if you would be willing to get rid of one. Thanks