Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pssst! Wanna hear a secret or two? & OOTD

Hello Lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful day.

I certainly had an interesting day and I'd like to share it with you.

I'm sure we all "dress" for various reasons. Some dress to impress, others dress for their boyfriends, husbands, lovers, and some, like myself dress solely for myself and NO one else. And that's the very truth!

Why am I telling you this? Well, the thing is, there's this man, an older man, okay he's old, downright old - not quite one-foot-in-the-grave-old, but old enough whereby he really shouldn't be working anymore old but for some freaking stupid reason, which I won't get into, is still working. And by the way, doesn't really work for all he does is a whole lot of nothing. But that's a completely different story all together. But I digress.

So this Old Man, for the sake of annonimity, let's call him OM (is that too obvious? LOL!), but let's anyway, honestly thinks that I dress for him. Yes, he freaking thinks that I dress-up for him. I think that his Toupee is on so tight that he can't possibly think straight. That's what I think! But again I digress.

Anyway, he comes into my office today and says, "My sources tells me that you look particularly pretty today and I had to come check it out for myself". He takes one look at me and then says "You look lovely but I don't think those shoes (He's talking about my Anthro Flaxen Wedge Heels) go with your outfit." I looked at him and said, "You know, OM (okay I didn't call him Old Man - I called him by his real name - but remember, for the sake of anonimity, we're calling him OM, right?) I can certainly appreciate your opinion, but I happen to really like the way I'm dressed today. I particularly like the fact that my shoes don't match my outfit yet compliment it well." OM begins to protest by telling me what he thinks would go better with what I'm wearing, when I stopped him in mid-sentence and say, "I'll let you in on a little secret OM. I don't particularly care what others think of what I wear. That's their opinion. I wear what I do because it makes me happy. I dress for myself and only myself!" Well, that shut him up pretty good for he immediately changed the topic.

Let me tell you why OM thinks that I'm dressing for him.

When I was first hired to manage at my current organization, I was rather heavy. As some of you may know, I've lost about 50 lbs from my heaviest weight. When I started work, I had only lost about 20 lbs and wore primarily black baggy clothes. I had big, unstructured, undefined, clothes that came in about 100 shades of black.

OM would often come into my office (remember, I told you that he does nothing) and tease me about being in mourning. I ignored him - as far as I'm concerned, the guy's an idiot. But I digress. Anyway, 6 months after I started, I had lost about 40 lbs and was starting to feel comfortable with my body. Let's face it, I was proud to have lost all that weight and wanted to show it off. Around the same time, I found J Crew and all its' amazing colors. In no time, I was wearing clothes that showed off my figure and colors that made me happy.

For some crazy reason, OM thought that he finally influenced me. I kid you not, the man is completely dillusional. But again, I digress.

So for the record, I dress to please myself. I honestly don't give a rat's ass what OM or anyone thinks of my outfit or my shoes for that matter.

But on the QT, I think I was probably more bent out of shape this time more than any other time because he insulted my Antho Flaxen Wedge Heels. I LOVE these shoes. They are by far my favorite shoes and I cannot seem to stop wearing them. And he insulted them. He may as well have insulted my only child for that matter and my reaction would likely have been the same. Okay maybe not. But that freaking Old Man drives me insane. I tolerate him on good days. On bad days, I want to throw his toupee out the 9th floor window and have him jump after it. Oh dear! Did I say that out loud? Anyway, I am very attached to my shoes. Can you blame me? They're absolutely lovely!

Okay, so the story above isn't really a real secret as many of us do dress for ourselves but I do have a real secret to share.

After having spent so much money between Dec 23 and yesterday, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't spend anymore ... not until we go to Orlando next month, that is. Here's another secret before the secret I was going to tell you. The secret is: I suck at keeping promises to myself.

So, having made this promise to myself that I'm not going to buy anything for the next 33 days, what do I do? I buy a seriously coverted item that I've been hunting for forever.

Having read Roxy at Effortless Anthropologie's blog about finding hidden links, here's the link to her post if you haven't read it already (by the way, I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her blog and one cannot be a die-hard Anthro addict without being a fan of her blog - that's just my humble opinion by the way), I was scrolling through the October Catalog online when I found the Polaire Vest.

Do you remember the Polaire Vest? It looks like a Vivienne Westwood creation. I LOVE that vest and have been kicking myself forever for having missed out on it. Anyway, I followed Roxy's instructions and found that Anthro had a Medium in stock. I remember reading that the vest fits small (which means that the Medium would be perfect to wear over a shirt, t-neck, etc), I immediately picked up the phone and called CS. They tell me that the system says that it's available but in very limited quantities - read 1 left - but if I'm interested, I could buy it. Am I Interested? Does the sun rise in the East every morning??? Damn right I'm interested.

I place the order. She tells me that I'll either receive a shipping confirmation or cancellation notice within 24-48 hours. After holding my breath for about 30 hours (okay, I didn't really hold it that long for I would really have passed out by then), I called to find out what the heck was going on. She looks at my order and says, "It's shipped!"


The Vest that I've been coverting forever was Shipped!!! There I was doing the happy dance in the middle of my office. I swear that my staff sometimes thinks I'm nuts. But whatever!

So that's my other secret. I bought the Polaire Vest when I wasn't supposed to be doing any more shopping. Isn't that an awesome secret???

And my outfit for the day:

Blouse: J Crew
Sweater: J Crew Lea Cardigan
Skirt: Club Monaco (one of my non-surprise Christmas gifts I got from Honey)
Tights: DKNY
Shoes: Anthro Flaxen Wedge Heels
Necklace: Ann Taylor
Bracelets: Both from J Crew

Anyway, that's my day today. Do you have any crazy secrets you'd like to share? We certainly don't have to name names. Acronyms like OM or FI (Freaking Idiot) and the like would definitely suffice.

Well, until tomorrow, have a very lovely evening darlings and Happy Friday to all of you!!!


Molly Darling said...

1. I love that your shoes "don't match" your outfit- it highlights them! Loves it!

2. Congrats on your vest find- I <3 Roxy. Thanks to her tips, I was able to score an Always A Lady skirt and it will be here in time for a VERY special event.

3. I also suck on self imposed shopping bans- it's one of my resolutions this year!

prettydaisy said...

Hi. Just found your blog today and am excited to have a fellow canadian who loves anthro as much as I do. I am so intrigued by your phone ordering!! How do you do it. The only access I have is through an email address called worldservices@anthropologie. Anytime I phone customer service I am told that they can't help me because I am in canada. What is your secret....please share.

green_dino said...

Your outfit is SO cute! I love how your shoes add a burst of color.

I went to my local Anthro tonight to try on the budding t-strap shoes. It was a size 7 and I'm a 6.5. Anyway, they fit! Hooray. Have you received yours yet?

I'm also interested about your CS phone orders. Do you get a list of stores and #s then call yourself? Or do they order it for you? Do you pay a shipping fee if it's shipped from another store?

C said...

I have two men at work who "tease" me (and not artfully!). On a bad day, I would also like to throw their toupees out a 9th floor window BUT they do not wear toupees and we do not have a 9th floor. Details. They think I have a bad personality because I do not laugh at their jokes (not funny) and I think they need more work to do :( Maybe we can send them to remedial fashion school with OM?

RatsOnParade said...

I LOVE your shoes! It's actually reaching "covet" status - you have such great taste when in comes to footwear - and an AWESOME collection toboot!

I found your comment on wearing black while you lost weight particularly interesting. Maybe eight years ago - when I was heavier, I wore black every day. This went on for awhile and then two years ago I started working out like a fiend and lost quite a bit of weight, at which time I got much more adventurous in what I would wear (guess I wasn't so self-conscious of the tummy and the sausage-like arms anymore!) and I started buying things in every color of the rainbow (I also can attribute this to J.Crew!)

Anyway, over the last year I've really fallen back - a LOT - like 20lbs a lot - and I've been slowly transitioning my wardrobe back to all black. I thought it was just for ease of getting dressed in the morning, but what it really is is that I don't want to call attention to myself (now that I'm not exactly healthy-weight anymore) and because black is usually pretty slimming. At least now I know I'm not the only one who does this! Hopefully I can start going back to the gym and get back into a more "colorful" mood. :)

I applaud you for dressing for you! I've run into plenty "old men" of my own - I really would like to just go tell them where to stick it! HA!

eek said...

I think those shoes are divine and compliment your look perfectly!

roxy said...

I love the Flaxen Wedges (I have them too) and I would be so disappointed if someone told me they didn't like them. And on that note my boyfriend is not a fan of them. He says that they make my feet look like clown feet. Meanwhile all my galpals love them. I just tell him that they're high fashion. ;)

Thanks for the link love!

Popbabe7 said...

Love the shoes, they really add a nice touch to your outfit! x

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thanks Molly Darling. I love how you put it. My outfit highlights my shoes. Congrates on getting the Always A Lady Skirt. I'm downright green (can you tell?) I desperately want one of those skirts and cannot find one in my size. Sigh! Guess I'll keep hunting. Good luck on the self-imposed ban. I suck at it but am working on being better. :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Hi PrettyDaisy. Welcome to my blog. So cool to have found that there's another Canadian who loves Anthro. I'll gladly share what I do with you. This is the customer number I call: (800)543-1039. It's Anthro CS. I don't call the Order Line. For your info, the order line number is: (800) 309-2500. I made the mistake once of calling the Order Line and asking if they would do a store seach for me. The CSR I spoke with rudely told me that I need to call the CS Line and that the Order Line does not do CS functions. Well, that taught me good for I never made that mistake again. So, if you haven't done so, try the CS line above.

The other thing is, I never get my stuff shipped to me in Canada. I have all my purchases shipped to me south of the border. I use a service in WA State that receives my order. The fee ranges anywhere from $3-$12 depending on the size of the box received. I will then drive across the border, pick up my box and bring it home. I always declare my purchases at the border. Sometimes I pay taxes, sometimes I don't. It's about 50/50. I honestly don't know how much it costs to ship to Canada - but I like my way so I continue to do this.

Furthermore, US Anthro stores will NOT ship to Canada. Only Online and CS phone orders can be shipped to Canada but the stores won't. I purchase equally from the stores as I do from CS so having a US address is beneficial.

I hope this helps.

I also noticed that you're in Calgary, and therefore no where close to the US Border. Hence, it might become quite a task to drive across the border each time for your purchases.

Just curious, how are you currently buying your Anthro?

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Hi GreenDino, I haven't gotten my shoes yet. I'm really hoping that the 8s will be perfect. I've never ever worn anything but 8s so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm soooo glad you like yours. I'm even more glad that the 7s fit. My Budding T-Straps are coming from Irvine, CA and I've found that when they come from a store, it takes about 5-7 Business Days. I haven't received a notice from my Receiver but I expect to be getting a notice next week. I will likely make the trek towards the end of next week to pick up my shoes. I'll certainly blog about it so I hope you'll come back and check it out. :)

Regarding my CS orders, I always get a list of phone numbers from CS and call the stores myself. CS tells me that they can do it but it takes much longer and in the meantime, I could possibly lose the item I want. They've explained that they will send out an email request to all of the stores that have my item and the first store that responds will be the one to ship the item to me. My fear is that they don't check the emails often and if something is popular, someone else could phone and beat me to the punch. That would soooooo suck and so, I call each store myself.

With regards to shipping, I believe the policy is to charge shipping. Sometimes I get charged, sometimes I don't - and these are from the stores. CS tells me that if they were to do a charge send (is. they do the email method) then I wouldn't have to pay for shipping. Problem is, I'm a sale shopper and by the time something goes on sale, there's usually a limited quantity and I don't want to risk losing an item so I figure, what's another $8.95 (or something like that) for shipping. Hope this helps. :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

C, so sorry to hear that you've got 2 nincumpoops in you office. I thought that 1 OM is bad enough. 2!!! Oh My Gosh! I think I would be losing my cool everyday! I agree, they should all be sent to remedial fashion school. Better yet, stick them 3 on a boat and let it adrift somewhere near Antartica. LOL!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Hi RatsOnParade, you're being too kind about my shoe collection. LOL! I have a lot of shoes that I'm no longer in love with and a bunch of new shoes that I'm desperately in love with but for some reason, I can't seem to part with the first half. It must be my Pack Rat Syndrome. lol!

Let's face it, Black is a very slimming color. It's slimming because it's black and black absorbs light but it's slimming also because the person wearing it tends to blend into the background. The color simply doesn't "pop!". And that's why I wore a lot of black.

Don't get me wrong, I still find that if I'm not careful, I tend to lean towards black quickly - or head to toe black with 1 pop of color. You can certainly tell the days where I pick out my clothes the night before vesus the days I don't. When I don't, I'm usuall all black or black with 1 color. If I spend the time to figure out my outfit the night before, it allows me to be more creative.

As for weight, If you're happy and comfortable with yourself, the opinions of others don't matter. Only YOU matter. Although I've lost the weight, I've found that I still go through periods whereby I'm packing on the lbs. When this happens, I catch myself and try to go back to my routine. Christmas was particularly bad this year - so I understand.

I try not to beat myself up too much when I gain some weight. Since I know what to do to lose it and what I did to have caused me to gain it back, I just go back to basics and viola! with some good eating habits and dedicated workouts, I'm back to where I was.

I certainly don't believe that one can be on a perpectual diet and be on an intense workout schedule. Serious Runners take breaks. Actors and Actresses take breaks between projects. People like you and I take breaks. And like the Runners, Actors and Actresses, when we need to be "ON", we can go back to our routine.


Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thanks Eek! Love your name! :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Hi Roxy! (Jumping up and down and waving my arms!) Welcome to my blog. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog and I read it everytime you update.

Clown Feet??? I can't see those Flaxen Wedges making anyone's feet look like Clown Feet! LOL! But he's entitled to his opinion like my husband is to his. FYI, my husband thinks that these shoes look like I'm walking on logs. You're so much nicer to your man. I just ignore my guy. LOL!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thanks Popbabe7. :)

prettydaisy said...

Hi again, thanks for answering my question, any ideas I can get for shipping or finding and purchasing out of stock items are very welcome.
Currently I order online which can be a bit of an expensive risk. However, they recently opened up a store in edmonton so I have made the trip there a few times and have called them often for purchases. Sadly, they don't carry shoes :(
I hope, almost daily, that calgary will be next in line for an anthro opening!

green_dino said...

I tried on the budding t-straps again and they're actually a finger too big. When I tried them on in the store they seemed perfect but I didn't walk around. My feet were either swollen from a long day or I was too excited to care.

I have a size 6 on the way. Hopefully those will fit. Maybe I can get them stretched or put in pads in the size 7. Too bad they didn't come in half sizes.

I go to the Irvine store all the time and was just there this week. It's my usual Tu/Th stop =)

green_dino said...

Oh and thank you for answering my question about shipping from stores. I read on Anthroholic that if you call yourself, shipping would be waived. I've had mixed experiences with that. Sometimes they say no, othertimes they make it seem like waiving shipping is standard practice.

Cate said...

I ADORE your outfit with those shoes! Men are clueless lol

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thanks Cate! And yes, men are pretty clueless but I honestly think it's by choice. lol!