Monday, January 11, 2010

Pins And Polkas Dress Review & OOTD

Hello Lovelies! Happy Monday evening to you! Only another 4 more days until the weekend and only 1 more sleep until a possible Anthro Markdown. Life IS good!!!

Although I am not expecting much from Anthro tomorrow (with regards to a markdown), I can only hope that there might be a small one to at least, entice me to shop.

Do you have a a Markdown Wish List?

I certainly do ... only because everyone knows that I am a Sale Shopper and will only buy when my most loved and sometimes even if they're not most loved but "so worth it when on sale" items are marked down.

So yes, I certainly have a list and they include:

Scalloped Cloud Skirt
Scalloped Dot Skirt
Night Blooming Dress
Bustling Avenue Dress
Plaza Cardi
Snowmelt Cardi
Converging Roads Sweater Dress
Cafe Creme Skirt
Sidewise Denim Skirt
Verite Dress

The list is actually a lot longer than this, but these are the items that I'm hoping will be going on sale sometime in the near future. (A girl can only hope, right???) Tee Hee Hee!!!

Anyway, I wanted to share the Pins And Polkas Dress with you. I tried it on during my last trip to Anthropologie on New Year's Day.

I should preface by saying I absolutely LOVE Moulinette Soeurs. For some reason, her dresses seem to fit my figure well. I also love her fabric choices and her designs. As such, I could not wait to try the Pins And Polkas Dress on.

My measurements are: 35.5" / 28.5" / 37.5" (I know, I know, I guess most people either round up or down but I personally think that the half inch makes a difference - but that's JMHO).

The fabric is very soft and luxurious and I love the print, but for some odd reason, I don't know if I love it. I like it, but I don't know if I love it. BTW, I tried the size 6. I can't seem to put my finger on it but I'm just not sure if maybe the length is throwing me off or maybe the print's too bold on me (not that I would ever shy away from large prints!) but for some reason, it's just not talking to me. Now that I'm looking at the pictures once again, I'm definitely thinking that the length is throwing this whole look off. Seeing that the length can be shortened easily and cheaply, I can see myself wearing this ... so yes, I could see myself getting this when it gets marked down.

Have you tried on the Pins And Polkas Dress? What do you think of it?

So here's what I wore today:

Sweater: J Crew Lea Cardigan
Tank: Drenched Helenium Tank (size S - just in case anyone was wondering - I really could go smaller but it was sold out)
Pants: Reitman's Wide Leg Cuffed Trousers
Trouser Socks: Dim - Nude Netted Knee-Highs
Shoes: Connie Mary Janes (I love these shoes and re-picked them up a couple of weeks ago after returning them the first time)
Necklace: My very own design

That's it for me this evening. Until tomorrow night, wishing each of you a happy Tuesday and should there be any markdowns at Anthro, wishing you lots of luck in finding what your heart desires.

Good Nite!


prettyface said...

CUTE! Love the outfit today!!

Christina said...

love that dress. looks great on you.

montanagirl said...

You look so skinny in that dress! LOVES!

fidele said...

I think the dress looks gorgeous on you. Agree with Montana, very skinny, too.

gigiofca said...

The dress is so flattering on you!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thanks Prettyface. My outfit was certainly comfortable.

Thanks Christina. I'm rather surprised that my readers like the dress on me. Maybe I'm too hard on myself??? lol

Montanagirl, I would give my right eye to look skinny. Hmmmm... I may have to give the dress a serious 2nd look.

Fidele - now I must seriously have a 2nd look at the dress.

Thanks Gigi. I still don't know why I'm the only one who's not over the top in love with this dress. Like I said above, I may have to try this one on again.

Anonymous said...

I tried the dress on and found it really gaped in the front and the skirt fit well. so it is a miss for me

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Hi Ali, that's too bad that the dress didn't fit well. In my opinion, it does need a cami for those "unexpected gaping moments".