Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Partly Cloudy Top Review

Happy Hump Day Loveliles! Only 2 more days to the weekend. Yay!!! Don't know why I'm so darn happy for the weekend because I honestly have nothing planned.

Anyway, I had the opportunity to try on the Party Cloudy Top by Floreat on my last trip across the border to Anthropologie.

Based on the online picture alone, this top is sooooo cute. I really like the unusual almost circular ruffles at the chest, the delicate embroidery along the hem as well as the darker-tone waistband which truly helps define the waist. But that's where my infactuation for this top ends. But before I speak of the top, let's discussing sizing for a moment.

Now having had the opportunity to try on a number of items at Anthro, I am confident in saying that I generaly wear between a size 4 and a 6 at Anthropologie.

In loser fitting designs, I easily wear a size 4 and sometimes a 2. But in more form-fitting or corset-type designs, I have found that a size 6 fits best. I own the Monochromatic Corset Dress in a size 8 only because it was the only size available and I had to get it altered to better fit me. I think that a size 6 would have been perfect, had it been available, and it would have help save me some money in alternations. Although it may appear that I've digressed, I do have a purpose with this information.

So back to the Partly Cloudy Top. Seeing that I would normally wear a size 6 in a fitted top like this one, I grabbed a 6, slid it on to only find out that 1.) Either I gained some girth during my Anthro fitting session - which I will attest that I was no way eating and munching my way through my pile of clothes) or; 2.) The design was small - which meant that I should have sized up or 2.

Seeing that it certainly wasn't dining during my fitting room session, I'm confident in saying that one certainly has to size up in this top.

As you can see from my "tubby" 2nd picture, I was certainly unable to zip up in the size 6. And seeing that the gap is approximately over 1" in width, I honestly believe that one would have to size up by at least 1 if not 2 sizes to get a good fit.

And since I wasn't overly thrilled with the look of this top in person, I didn't bother with trying on the larger sizes. It's not that I didn't like the top, I just liked it better online than I did in person, that's all.

So my lovelies, have you had an opportunity to try on the Partly Cloudy Top? What do you think of it?

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