Thursday, January 14, 2010


Good evening my lovely readers! How are you this Thursday?

I need to apologize for another short post but I'm swamped at work right now and just don't quite have the time to post but... I really wanted to share my outfit with you.

Here's what I wore today:

Sweater: Anthropologie's Elodie Cardigan
Blouse: J Crew
Belt: F21
Skirt: Banana Republic
Tights: Calvin Klein Black Herringbone
Shoes: Rapport's Espresso Oxford Heels
Bracelets: Suzy Shier
Coat: J Crew
Bag: Burberry
Boots: Franco Sarto

It was pouring when I left the house this morning and heels were completely not suited for the walk between the car and the office - hence the boots.

I'm thrilled that tomorrow's Friday! Yay!!! I can't believe how quickly this week's flown by. Have a lovely Friday my dahlings! I promise to write more tomorrow evening. Until then, Happy Friday!!!


Sweet Tea in Seattle said...

So pretty! I love it! That cardigan is amazing. :)
It has been pouring here too - very tired of it! Have a good weekend :)

Real Working Mom of OC said...

I completely agree with Sweet Tea - that sweater is so fantastic!

Mikaela said...

your whole outfit is so cute. i agree with the other posters, that cardigan is perfect on you!

i also wanted to say that i love your shoes too!! you make me want a pair of oxford heels very much.

NoJCrewinJapan said...

Hi, your outfits are adorable. I really like this one and the one where you are channeling NY. I've become smitten with black fishnets and wore them this week as well so when I saw your past outfit I thought *swoon* next time I totally wearing a flower on my lapel too. Very very nice!