Friday, January 8, 2010

My Latest Arrival & OOTD

Good evening Lovelies! Happy Friday! I hope you're all doing well.

It was a bit of a rough day at work so I'm extremely glad and grateful that the weekend is here. I love the weekend. Despite the fact that we're kept pretty busy with running Kitty around to her swim, gymnastics and ski lessons, the fact that I'm away from the craziness of the office makes it all worth it.

I have to remember... I work to live.

So after picking up Kitty and then off to our regular Sushi restaurant to pick-up take out in the driving rain, I was pretty much pooped when I arrived home. I literally dragged myself out of my car, up our porch and suddenly, ........... my life takes a dramatic turn. It's immediately better.


Because, sitting by my front door is an Anthro Box! My Thousand Layers Dress has finally arrived! (Doing the happy Anthro dance in my head. I couldn't possibly do the Anthro Dance on the spot because I was weighed down with my handbag, my lunch bag, 2 Take Out bags of Teriyaki Chicken for Honey, and Sushi and Sashimi for Kitty and I, and my umbrella.)

I turned off the alarm system, placed everything down, grabbed my box and headed straight to the bedroom. I honestly couldn't wait to try on my dress!

As you all know, there isn't an Anthro store anywhere near me. The closest one is 3-1/2 hours away and in a different country. The closest one to me in Canada is a 14 hour drive away. Hell, it may as well be on Mars for that matter. And while I've loved this dress, I've only ever loved it from afar. Hence, I could not wait to slip it on.

I am pleased to report that this dress is lovely. Very Lovely! The jersey fabric is velvety soft and dreamy. I had read that the layers of fabric masked one's imperfections and while I had hoped desperately to believe it, I just wasn't sure how those layers wouldn't add bulk to my frame.

Well, having now tried it on, I can honestly say that the reviewers are correct. The layers on this dress certainly help camouflage my unsightly rolls. But not only that, those pretty layers didn't add bulk to my frame. I LOVE this dress!

Do you own the Thousand Layers Dress? What do you think of it? If you don't, would you consider buying it?

Anyway here's my outfit of the day. I woke up to a heavy downpour and since it was Friday, I decided to dress down for work.

Tee: J Crew
Sweater: Anthro's Gumshoe Sweater Coat
Jeans: F21 Skinnies
Boots: Roberto Viranni
Necklace: F21

I LOVE my Gumshoe Sweater Coat. I had been lusting after this coat for a while but refused to buy it at full price. So after weeks of stalking this coat, my mom decided to buy it for me for my birthday. If she hadn't, I kid you not, I would still be stalking this item.

It's my second time wearing this sweatercoat and I get lots of compliments on it - ranging from the design to the color. Despite the fact that I loved the purple out of the entire lot of colors, I was a little hesitant about getting the purple because I think it screams Prince. But having tried on all 4 colors - the Black, Ivory, Brick Red (called Wine online) and the Purple, I can honestly say that the Purple looks best on my complexion.

But the Purple, coupled with the rest of today's get-up, ie. Skinnies, Knee-Length boots, I could not help but feel that I was part of Robin Hood's Merry Gang of Men - but a female version. Either that, or a swash-buckling female pirate. Either way... I still loved the look.

Just for your information, I certainly don't look overly Pirate-ish or Robin Hood-ish when I pair this sweater with a pencil skirt. The look in fact is quite becoming... sorta Professional with a Dramatic Flair.

From my home to yours, here's wishing each of you a wonderful evening and restful weekend. And should you be shopping, happy hunting!


Molly Darling said...

Don't you love how quick anthro's shipping is? I love the dress on you- I loved it on person when I tried it on. It looks great.

RatsOnParade said...

The dress looks AWESOME on you! I was going back and forth on the colors as well - the black is, well, black - but the gray really does make the look! So fantastic! Great find! :)

Jillian, Inc said...

I had that darling dress and the Clara boots in my "shopping bad" online at Anthro before Christmas and sorta forgot about it and then went back to order and they were both sold out. Looks so great on you!

montanagirl said...

I am so glad you went with the grey. Beautiful!

Sarah said...

That dress is perfect on you! And I asked for an Anthro gift card from my mom for my birthday and used it to buy the Gumshoe Sweater Coat. I most definitely would still be stalking it if I hadn't purchased it as a gift.

A Bigger Closet said...

Happy New Year! :)

The dress is amazing on you! I also love the cardigan outfit. Great finds from Anthro.

Patti said...

The grey dress is great! I've tried it on, and was surprised at how flattering it was even though it fit so close to the body and I'm quite a curvy gal. I didn't pick it up because I'm not sure where I'd wear it - I'm a stay at home mom - but I'm a tad jealous now, as it looks fabulous on you!

Anonymous said...

The dress looks fantastic, really flatters your figure (HOT!) and I love your casual Friday outfit! I especially love the boots!

Were your ears burning today? I was thinking of you as I bought 4 pairs of shoes at Sears of all places!

I got two pairs of Franco Sarto's, a grey leather strappy pump and brick red croc patent small heeled flat, a black leather Rockport pump for work and bronze leather Aerosole grecian style sandals.

Everything was at a clearance price and then 50% off that. I got all 4 pairs of shoes for just over a $100, all were originally about 130 a pair. There were so many I considered sticking a huge insole in just so I could wear them because of the price. Some were even down to $10 after the discount! CRAZY!

I avoided all the cheapie brands and stuck to the designers but I wear 7- 7 1/2 and a lot of the shoes I wanted were 8's. It's still on tomorrow(Sunday). Not sure if it's only in AB?

I'm not doing too good on my New Year's resolution to not buy anything for 3 months. Oh well, always tomorrow. ;)

roxy said...

The dress looks beautiful on you! I liked it very much when I tried it on but missed out on grabbing it on sale. I might call around for it if nothing grabs me tomorrow.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

First off, I must apologize to everyone for not posting earlier. While weekends are generally nuts for me, this weekend was particularly bad. My apologies for the tardy reply.

Molly Darling, for the items that I receive at my home (those come from me from across Canada) those come fairly quickly - anywhere between 3 to 5 days. That said, I'm still waiting for a package from Toronto that was supposed to have been shipped on Thursday that is still not here. URGH! lol!
BTW, are you going to get the dress? wink!

RatsOnParade, thanks! Yeah, I was going back and forth on the colors as well. I think I made a good choice. I'm happy with the Grey. :)

Hi Jillian, Inc, oooooh, that just soooo sucks! It's happened to me so I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes when I lose an item from my basket, I tell myself that God didn't want me to have it. Makes me feel a litle better. lol!

Thanks Montanagirl!

Sarah, good buy on the Gumshoe sweatercoat. What color did you get? I'll bet it looks great on you!

Thanks ABC! Glad to see you about. I really miss reading your blogs - but I understand your situation - so it's all good. But I just want to say that I've missed you! Hugs! K

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Hi Patti, the dress is quite flattering, isn't it? I was rather surprised myself. I so understand when you say, I love the dress but I've got no where to go. I soooooo get that. Problem with me is that I have no will-power. Despite not having anywhere to wear something, I end up getting it anyway ... for those "just in case" situations. Crazy huh? But good for you. I was some of your will power. Willing to share? :)

CK. I'm SOOOOOO JEALOUS!!! 4 pairs of name brand shoes for over $100! You scored big-time! Good for you! I wear a size 8 and was seriously thinking of going to Sears today but desided against it because - as you know, I have NO will power and will likely buy everything I like - which is soooo not a good thing right now because I need to be saving my money to shop in Florida next month. But I'm thrilled for you though. In fact, I'm almost green with envy. :)

Thanks Roxy. The dress looked great on you too and in all honesty, I was inspired by you to seriously consider the dress. Without appearing like an enabler, I think you should definitely get the dress. It's very flattering on you. :)