Friday, January 1, 2010

My Latest Anthro Scores!

I'm sure it's no secret since it's super obvious now, but Anthropologie is officially my latest obsession. And man! I am in-love! I love their designs, I love their service and I love their sale prices! Particularly their Sale Prices!

I used to shop at J Crew lots but then I got bored with their clothes. Don't get me wrong, they still have lovely clothes but I wanted something different. J Crew, while classic, appeared to be rehashing a lot of their designs in different colors.

And then I found Anthropologie. Wow! I love their designs. It's classic, yet whimsical. Modern yet with a twist of Vintage. It called my name and I came running!

And.... their Sale Prices are awesome! I love the fact that many a times, when an item is marked down, it's automatically close to 50% off the original price. Yes, I know, this could mean that the items were overpriced to start off with but the frugal Sales Chick in me says, "What a Deal! Scoop it up!" And so I do!

So when I walked into Anthropologie this morning and saw a sea of Sales Racks right at the front of the store, it was like I died on the spot and was transported to Sale Heaven. It was amazing!

There must have been a dozen long racks of sale merchandise. But not only where these items on sale, I was actually getting to touch and try on these items for the first time.

Imagine this. My experience with Anthropologie is similar to meeting a celebrity. Day-in-day-out, I'm only able to look at the pictures of the clothes online. Since there's no Anthropologie near me, it's impossible for me to walk into a store, pick up an item, feel the material, try it on for size and decide if I like it. No, for me, it's all a visual experience.

I look at the pictures online, try desperately to figure out what size will fit me, pick up the phone to call customer service, place my order and wait 2 weeks for my items to arrive. When I have to wait this long for an item, often it's very anti-climatic when it does eventually arrive.

So, when I am able to walk into a store and see an item that I've seen online, it's like meeting a celebrity for the first time. My heart skips a beat, my pulse race and my legs turn to jelly. It's an amazing experience!

As I go through the racks, I'm amazed by the number of things I've been looking for that are still available in my size. So what did I score today? Well...

Inverness Trench - I love this coat! The fabric is somewhat thick - perfect for the fall and early spring. It's beautifully lined and has the most awesome twirly skirt. I purchased this in a size 8. I could easily have fitted a size 6 but unfortunately this was the only one left so I scooped it. And while I was paying for this, I noticed a couple of customers eyeing this coat. Sorry ladies, hate to disappoint but this one is coming home with me.

Cascading Foilage Dress - I had been looking for this dress for some time now. I first saw it on Kim at Anthroholic and thought that it looked absolutely lovely on her. But by the time I got around to really falling-in-love with the dress, it was no where to be found. I was certain that I had lost out until I saw it at U-Village today! On the rack were 2 Cascading Foilage Dresses. What are the chances of that??? I picked up the first and it was a size 8. My heart sank. I was about to pick up the other dress when out from behind me, a hand reached out and snatched it. I was sooooo close! Darn it! So I picked up the size 8 ... just in case it fit. While walking around the store, I asked one of the lovely SAs if she had it in a smaller size and she told me no. Those were the last ones. After looking around the store for some time (okay, if you must know, I was there for 3 hours - yes in the same store for 3 hours! I'm sooooo embarassed!) the same SA walked up, called me by my name (don't you just love that???) and told me that someone had just returned a size 2. Oooooooh! I squealed! I'll try it please! The size 2 was perfect, perfect, perfect! So I purchased it. The original retail price was $218 and I got it for $99.95.

Sprightly Skirt - This is one darling little skirt. I've been on a skirt hunt lately. I've noticed that I wear way too many pants in the winter and have made up my mind to wear more skirts. I love the weight of the fabric. It truly holds its' shape well. The waist sits right at my natural waist and gives me a pretty hour-glass figure with it's cinched waist. I got this in a size 6. Moreover, I think this will lovely simply lovely with my new Budding T-Strap shoes that I'm going to be getting shortly.

The sweater to the right of the Sprightly Skirt is a Cotton Cardigan with beading around the neck from J Crew. Sorry, I don't know the name of it. I got it because it was inexpensive for a basic grey cardigan with a little sparkle on it. Just an FYI, J Crew is currently offering an additional 20% off their Sale merchandise - thus making all of their sale merchandise Final Sale.

Seasonless Skirt in Black - I had to re-purchase this skirt. The last one that arrived came with a busted zipper so I repurchased it in a size 6. I love the way this skirt sits on me. I couldn't really try it on with the busted zipper when it first arrived. So, trying it on today was like trying it on for the first time. I love, love, love the skirt. Despite the extra folds of fabric, I think this skirt is very slimming. I can't wait to wear it with a black t-neck, funky netted tights and my new Report Black and Cream T-Straps. This wasn't a steal like my other 2 purchases above but at 50% off, it was definitely coming home with me. I paid $49.95.

Floreat Blouse - Sorry don't know the name. My biggest score of the day was this Cream with Black Flocked Polka Dot blouse. I've never seen it on the website before and have absolutely no idea what it's called - so if any of you should know the name of this blouse, please kindly let me know what it is. Thanks in Advance. This little blouse is absolutely darling. It's got little capped sleeves, ruffles down one side of the front and flocked polka dots the size of a dime scattered all over the blouse. I can see myself wearing this lots - on it's own, with a t-neck under, with skirts and with pants. It's soooo cute. And at the whopping (I'm being facitious) $9.95, I couldn't possibly walk away from this top.

So darlings, that's my score for the day. I think I did pretty good, wouldn't you say? I love every single one of my purchases.

Have you scored anything from Anthro lately? I hope you'll share your stories. I love hearing about your great-deals!

Have a lovely evening! Good Night!


gigiofca said...

Happy New Year!

Cute, cute stuff. I love the bow skirt.

Molly Darling said...

I got the (totally not on sale) Horizon Line dress today- omg, I am in love. So much prettier in person.

Patti said...

The first 3 paragraphs of your post could have come straight out of my mouth! I'm a J.Crew-turned-Anthro girl, and fiercely dedicated bargain hunter. AND...I too bought the Inverness Trench on sale...after becoming obsessed with it at full price, and dying a little inside when it sold out without having gone on sale. When I found it at the sale that started right before HAD to be mine!

Patti said...

And PS - my Antho steal of the post Christmas sale season: A pair of Level 99 trouser jeans for $9.95. Hooray!

A Bigger Closet said...

Happy New Year!

OMG, loving the second dress and the dotted blouse. Great buys! :)

GingerSnap said...

O.M.G. I am freaking obsessed with that darling skirt you bought with the big bow on the waist band! SO cute :)

I don't really have much from Anthro, but I have been more interested in it lately. I tend to agree with you that J.Crew does a lot of "repeats" with their clothing. Sometimes that's a good thing (for me!) because then I'm not as tempted to buy everything in sight!! :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thanks Gigi. Happy New Year to you too! Isn't the bow skirt just darling? I saw it on Maria at Infinite Whimsy and knew that I had to have it. Lucky for me, they had it on the rack at U Village. Yay me!

Molly Darling, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Horizon Line Dress. I really want it. I may actually have to break down and buy it full price! argh!

Patti, so glad to hear that there's someone else who fell in love with Anthro like I did. I still love J Crew.... but now the love is shared. lol! The Inverness Trench is very cute isn't it? I love that Sexy Spy look. And your Level 99 trouser jeans... I'm downright GREEN with jealousy! Good for you girl!

Thanks ABC. How are you doing? I hope you're doing well. I've missed you. The Anna Sui dress was such a steal. I cannot believe that I scored that one!

GingerSnap, that skirt is really cute isn't it? If you're looking to get it, let me know. I've got the item number and all you'll need to do is call Anthro's Cust Service line and they ought to be able to tell you who has it in your size and the store will be able to ship it out to you. Let me know if I can help.