Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year my darlings! My apologies for the late post but there's a very good reason for why my post is so late.

Firstly, I wasn't feeling overly well yesterday when I returned from the office. For some reason, I was running a low-grade fever and had the chills. Since I wasn't feeling so hot, I went to bed. Sad as it seem (considering that it was New Year's Eve), I was in bed by 8:30pm.

I awoke this morning at 5:30am and was feeling much better so I decided to go shopping. That's right. Shopping. No, not in Vancouver... since no store would be open for at least 5-1/2 hours so I decided on a spur of the moment to go to Seattle.

Crazy, huh?

Well, I should explain that it's really not that spur of the moment. I had originally planned on a Seattle shopping trip on Boxing Day. For my lovely friends south of the Canadian Border, that's the day after Christmas. It's sorta like Black Friday - only a Canadian Version. Prices are slashed and bargains galore.

Despite the huge sale here, I decided on Christmas Day that I would go to Seattle instead. However, when I awoke on Boxing Day, I wasn't feeling very well. The stress of the holidays had overwhelmed me so I decided to stay home and read instead. Which was really a good thing because I was feeling so much better on the 27th and went shopping at Park Royal instead.

Shopping at Park Royal was great with the exception of my horrible experience at BCBGMaxAzria which I spoke in detail here. But let's not rehash that all over again.

Despite doing a little bit of shopping on the 27th, I somehow didn't quite have my fill so I thought that maybe I should go head to Seattle on January 2nd instead. But then I thought... hey, how about the 1st?

Not knowing exactly which day I should plan my trip, I decided to check out the Mall hours for both days and "just in case" I decided to go, I would then know which malls are open.

All along, I had planned on going January 2nd, but then, Honey reminded me that the cleaners were coming on the 2nd and he hates being around when they are here (yes, unfortunately, that falls on my shoulders - letting them in, leaving and then paying them and letting them out.) I don't understand why he has an issue with help but whatever.

Since he was going to be golfing today and since Kitty is away at my parents, when I awoke this morning, I decided that today would be the perfect day to go to Seattle.

And off I went.

The weather was absolutely horrible. Driving rain and huge wind gusts. I was having difficulty keeping my vehicle on the road but I was determined to shop. Only 1 mall in the Seattle area was open - and that was University Village. Perfect since it has both a J Crew AND an Anthropologie. Absolutely Perfect!

I made it in slightly under 3-1/2 hours and walked into Anthropologie at 10:15am. As soon as I walked in the store, I knew that my trip was soooooo worth the effort. The sale section was H.U.G.E!!!

It was like I'd died and gone to Anthro Sale Heaven! I had a blast here and got some amazing finds.... of which I will share with you shortly.

After that, I stopped in J Crew and Victoria's Secret.

I left the mall at 3:30pm and arrived home at 7pm. I'm mentally exhausted. Driving 7 hours makes me mentally tired. But my trip was soooooooo worth it.

So as you can see, I had a real good reason for the late New Year wishes. Well my darlings, I hope your New Year's day was exciting as mine. From my home to yours, here's wishing each and everyone of you a very Happy, Healthy and Wealthy 2010!


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