Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Anthro 2nd Markdowns & OOTD

Good Evening Lovelies! So did any of you further partake in the Anthro or J Crew Sale today?

I woke up this morning to further markdowns on a handful of Anthro items. J Crew on the other hand had new additions to their Final Sale section.

While I didn’t find anything new that caught my fancy with the 2nd markdowns nor with the new additions to J Crew’s Sale page, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my recent Anna Sui Cascading Foliage Dress had another markdown. This dress was originally $218. It was then marked down to $109.95 and then to $49.95 – that’s when I purchased it and today, it went down to $19.95. Can you freaking believe it??? An Anna Sui for $19.95! I was just beside myself!!!

Were you able to get a price adjustment on any of your purchases made in the last 2 weeks?

I’m wearing my Sprightly Skirt for the first time today. I really LOVE this skirt. It’s sooo adorable. I love it even more with my Flaxen Wedge Heels which were 100% inspired by Maria at Infinite Whimsy. They are by far my favorite pair of shoes and will likely be until my Budding T-Straps show up. Then again, they may still win hands down. I love the unusual Mustard Yellow shade and the double straps around the ankles. My only complaint is that it takes so darn long to buckle these shoes up and to take them off. You see, I wear boots on the way to work and change to my shoes while at the office. In fact, I leave all of my shoes at the office. Luckily I have my own office as I have about a 15 pairs of shoes under my desk. But I really wanted to share these shoes with you so I brought them home tonight so that I may photograph them with my outfit.

So here’s what I wore today:

At the Office

On the Way to the Office

Sweater: J Crew's Lea Cardigan
Tank: J Crew's Perfect Fit Tee
Skirt: Anthro's Sprightly Skirt
Tights: Calvin Klein
Necklace: J Crew
Coat: J Crew
Boots: Franco Sarto
Shoes: Anthro's Flaxen Wedge Heels

Well Lovelies, until tomorrow, I'm wishing you pleasant dreams. Have a wonderful evening.


montanagirl said...

Where did you order the foliage dress. Did you call the customer service number?

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Hi Montanagirl, I had originally purchased by Anna Sui Cascading Foliage Dress from the Anthro Store in U Village. I paid $49.95 for it originallly but when it got marked down to $19.95 and the price was confirmed by CS, I simply called the store, explained that I live 3-1/2 hours away and therefore couldn't come in to do the adjustment in person and they went ahead and did it over the phone for me, no questions asked. It was easy-peasy. Loved it!

If you're looking for this dress, I would try calling CS and ask for a list of stores that have them and then start calling the stores directly.

I understand that sometimes their info may not be accurate but that's much easier than dialing all of Anthro's stores by yourself. The thought itself is tiring.

Good Luck Kristina! I hope you find one. :)

montanagirl said...

Hi there.
Sorry to be a bother, but I cannot get it without the item number. Do you happen to have it?

Thanks so much,

montanagirl said...
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Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...


It's a good thing you caught me before I headed out. I had thrown out the sticky note and had to fish through my recycling to get it. lol!

Anyway, here it is. It's 933161. If you're doing an adjustment at a store, you will need either your original receipt showing the higher amount or your Anthro card and they'd be able to pull up your info and do the adjustment.

Good Luck. Please let me know how it goes.

montanagirl said...

I am very lucky I caught you. I have wanted that dress forever and knew it was mean to be with that price tag. I called the CS number with the item number and they gave me a few stores that had it possibly in my size. So the 4th and last number had it. She was like, oh I think I remembered seeing a 2- sure enough. I felt amazing!!!!
Now I want to stalk everything!YEAH

Thanks for your help!