Sunday, January 24, 2010

A few Anthro purchases that didn't quite work out

Hello Pretties! Happy Sunday! I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend.

It was a bit of a crazy weekend for me ... but that's really no different than usual. I'm grateful to be able to get away from the craziness of work and to spend some time with my family.

I didn't do any shopping this weekend ... which really is a good thing since I've been buying like crazy lately and my credit card truly needs a bit of break.

Although I have purchased quite a bit recently, not everything I've purchased worked out. Which I guess is a good thing because if everything fits and looks beautiful, gosh! I'd be seriously broke!

Here are a couple of things that didn't quite work out. First up is the Twilit Skirt.

I soooooo badly wanted the Twilit Skirt to work. It's a stunning skirt. Gorgeous fabric, darling ruffles at the pockets and a slim fit. Unfortunately, my body wasn't cut out for the skirt. While it was too snug through the hips, the waist was huge. My measurements are 28.5" waist and a 37.5" hip and the 6 wouldn't work. In order to fit, I would have needed to gain an 1.5" inches in the waist and lose 1.5" in the hips. In other words, in order for the 6 to fit me, I would have needed a 30" waist and a 36" hip .... which tells me that the skirt is better suited for those who aren't as curvy. Sigh!

Like I said, I love this skirt and while it looks great on me while I'm standing straight up and not moving, but as soon as I moved, the skirt would ride up and bunch up around my hip. What's the chances that I wouldn't move during the day? Unfortunately, it's slim to none so this skirt is going back.

Me standing very still. Skirt looks good around the hips.

Again, me standing very still and the skirt looks great around the hips.

Slight movement and the skirt bunches up.

I honestly don't need the bunching to attract any more attention to my hips .

My next dud purchase was the Gathering Together Dress. I fell in-love with this dress online. I love the color, the design, the style. However, once I opened the box and held the dress in my hands, I knew immediately that my purchase was a mistake.

The fabric is much heavier in person. I had expected a light, flowy dress but instead received a much heavier one. The color is stunning but everything else falls short of my expectation. Firstly, this dress is unlined. As a result, it sticks to my tights. There's nothing I hate more than fabric being stuck to my tights.

Then, there's the fit issue. I had read that this dress fits large. Knowing that it did, I ordered a size down. However, even in the size 4, this dress was huge. I could have easily gone down to a 2. The other issue is the slip-on design of the dress. This dress doesn't have a zipper. It really should.

I honestly think that if this dress were made of silk, was closer fitting through the body and came with a zipper, it would have been stunning. The fact that it was a pull-on, it needed the extra fabric through the body in order to maneuver the dress on. Any tighter and I honestly think that it would have been a disaster when trying to don the dress. But the looseness to get it on becomes an issue once it's on for it's just too baggy and too shapeless to look fantastic.

Unfortunately, this one is going back as well.

Finally, the Ossified Sweater Coat. The Anthro description should have read, "Sleeping On Snow's corporeal creation exhibits abstract chunky Lamb-Shanks accents and a body conscious structure reminiscent of a Line-Backer."

This sweater coat just didn't work for me. I purchased it in a small. The chunkiness of the fabric coupled with the braiding made for a poor combination on me. Having had the opportunity to have now tried on this sweater, I can honestly say that this sweater would only look good on a very thin or emancipated person. Anyone with any curves or meat on their bones would honestly look like they've put on about an additional 20 lbs. I can truly say that to look 20 lbs heavier is not a look anyone, other than the truly thin, is after.

This too is going back.

I look like a Piggie in a Blanket

Size view isn't too bad, but it's not good either.

Oh My Gosh! I definitely look like I'm packing junk in my trunk!

I shop so that I may look and feel more attractive. These 3 items unfortunately did not make me look nor feel more attractive. Some in fact, did the exact opposite. The last one made me feel like I was ready to be stuck in the oven. Definitely not a look I was after.

Have you purchased any "duds" recently? Do share your stories!

Well, that's it for me this evening, lovelies. From my home to yours, here's wishing you a very lovely Monday and to a fantabulous week! Good night!


Lady Cardigan said...

I actually ordered two items from Anthropologie that were both duds on me and had to be returned. Now I'm biting my nails waiting for a refund because it was an expensive purchase!

Claire said...

I've been searching for the twilit skirt in a size 4 or 6. Would you consider selling yours instead of returning? Thanks.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Lady Cardigan, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that your refund comes thru soon. :)

Claire, you're more than welcome to it but I paid $69.95 plus taxes for the skirt. I know that they're now $29.95. If you're wanting this skirt for the price I paid, you're welcome to it. Otherwise, I was going to be returning it along with all of my other duds later this week. Please let me know either way. No pressure either way. :)

overcaffeinated said...

Aww, what a shame that none of these Anthro items worked out for you. I really love the twilit skirt. Any hope of ordering the next size up, and then having the waist tailored to fit you?

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Hi Overcaffeinated!

That crossed my mind when the skirt was marked down to $29.95. Problem is, I was too late and at that point, I couldn't find a size 8. So, I sorta talked myself out. I had previously asked my Tailor how much it would be to take in the waist of a skirt and she quoted so ridiculous price of $30-40. So that you have a basis for comparison, she charges me $25 to shorten my lined skirts. I figured that if she charged $30 to take in the waist, the skirt would come to $59.95 ($29.95 + $30 = $59.95) so I decided to forgo it.

It's too bad really. Oh well.

Debye said...

How disappointing! I hate looking forward to getting something in the mail just to be disappointed. I recently ran into that with Anthropologie's lacemaker skirt but luckily I had a lot of luck (and fun) with the store credit!

prettyface said...

Ahhhhh that skirt IS GORGEOUS on you- but I understand the bunching-ness. i HATE that, man!

rynetta said...

The skirt fit me the same way, which is a shame because it's sooooo cute!

C said...

I think it is the pockets in that skirt that are causing the problem....they are probably at the widest part of your hip... :(

kanishk said...

Please let me know either way. No pressure either way.

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