Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh Man! I think I have a problem!

Houston, we have a problem.

No, really, we have a problem. A Shoe Problem. And the crazy part is, they all kinda look the same, don't they???!!!

For some reason, I cannot seem to stop buying shoes. I honestly don't understand what's going on... but all of a sudden, all I want to buy are shoes.

I wonder what this means psychologically? Does anyone know? lol!

Anyway, back to my shoes. As you all know, a few weeks ago, I bought a bunch of shoes and I couldn't seem to figure out which ones I should keep and which ones I should return. Anyway after much deliberation, I decided to keep the Franco Sarto Grey Suede Mary Janes (of which I've worn tons at work already) only.

I ended up returning the Calvin Kleins only because they were terribly expensive. Through a wonderful reader, I found out that Lord and Taylor had them for $47.99. I refuse to pay $145 for shoes that I can get for $47.99 so back they went. I also return the Connie shoes with the darling cutouts only because they were too uncomfortable in the toes. I also returned the twi Fergalicious pairs because .... well, okay, I don't know why I returned those except that I didn't like them anymore. And I also returned the Connie pumps only because they were downright boring.

So to replace the ones I returned, I ended up buying the following shoes. The first 2 pairs are from Those haven't arrived yet. I purchased them the day before Thanksgiving and I guess they're on their way to me via some small island off the coast of Good Hope. I hope those arrive soon.

The next set of 3 were purchased last night off the Aldo website. The prices were soooo darn good, I could not say no to them. I haven't had much luck with Aldo shoes in the past. For some reason, they've always hurt my toesies but let's hope that this time, they won't.

Jessica Bennett
Havana - Cream Patent with Brown Embroidery

Claudia - Black and Cream Oxford T-Straps

Multi-color Camel Mary Jane

Cognac Oxford Mary Jane

Black Patent Oxford T Strap

So, what does my recent obsession with shoes mean? They must represent something significant that's lacking in my life and that's why all I'm wanting to buy are shoes. Well, okay, I'm buying other things as well ...but that's normal. I just don't normally buy these many pairs of shoes in one sitting. What's up with that????


Anonymous said...

Adding a couple pair of NEW GREAT shoes instantly UPLIFTS my whole wardrobe! Mayble you need that rejuvenation!!!! smile

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I love a good pair of Mary janes!