Monday, November 23, 2009

Shoe Overboard!!! Advise Needed Please.

Mary Anne Mary Jane (Caramel)
by Connie
*** Note: The pictures above are NOT the color of the shoes I bought. The style is exact but I purchased mine in a Caramel shade. Sorry, I just couldn't find a picture showing the caramel color.
Brenda (Black)
by Connie

Essence (Dark Grey Suede)
by Franco Sarto

Orianna (Black Suede)
by Calvin Klein

Rocco (Taupe)
by Fergalicious

Rocco (Black)
by Fergalicious

I've gone a little Shoe Crazy in the last couple of days and I need your help.

Which of these should I keep and which should I return?

I've noticed that I have a ton of plain pointy-toed shoes and I don't want pointy-toed shoes anymore. I'm tired of them and I want new round-toed shoes with details. Lots of pretty details.

Cute, darling, round-toed Mary Jane Shoes or T-Strap Shoes that make my feet look small and dainty, so grown up yet so girly.

So, I went shoe shopping and shoe shopping I did! I ended up with 6 pairs of shoes.

The reality is, I cannot possibly keep all 6 pairs. That's just tooooooo insane! So, I've decided that I will keep 3 pairs. But which 3??? Please help me decide.

Do I keep the...
  1. Mary Anne Mary Janes by Connie? They are all leather in a delicious Caramel shade with cut-outs in the front. I really like these because they remind me of something I might find at Anthropologie. They are somewhat eclectic yet preppy. I really like these.
  2. Brenda Round Toe, Stack Heel Pumps by Connie? These are basic black pumps. I like the round toe and the Stack Heel and I was thinking of going to the Cobbler and getting him to sew on heavy Grosgrain Ribbons on them so that I'm able to tie them into a bow thus creating a ribbon-tied Mary Jane style. I like these because they are cheap and because I can turn these into a pretty ribbon-tied Mary Jane style.
  3. Essence by Franco Sarto. I really need a pair of Grey shoes. I don't like the 2 that I current own and I want new ones. I like the suede on these. I also like the round toe and the mary jane style. The heel too is very cute. But they're not cheap. They're not expensive but they're not cheap. They are, however, comfortable and very pretty on.
  4. Orianna by Calvin Klein. These are very pretty. They make me feel all grown up. They are dressy and classic. But they are the most expensive of the bunch. They are regular $148 and are currently 15% off.... and that's the only reason why I got them. While they are pretty, they do not have a round toe, per se. The toe is Almond shape but I love that long, sleek stack heel.
  5. Rocco in Taupe by Fergalicious. I never thought that I would like a T-Strap but I really do. They are soooo cute and somewhat unusual. T-Straps haven't quite caught on yet and I soooo want a pair. The heels are high, high, high but there's a built-in platform on the front of the shoe so the heels ends up being only 3.25" tall - which is soooo manageable. I like the Taupe but don't know if I will get as much use from it as i would the black.
  6. Rocco in Black by Fergalicious. The black is so practical. I can soooo see myself wearing these with so much in my closet. But these aren't leather. They're pleather and at $65, that's pretty expensive plastic.

So, what do you think? Which shoes should I keep and which should I return? I would like to keep a pair of black ones for sure. I think the grey would work nicely in my closet as well and so would the caramel. But I also like the taupe T-Strap. Do I get Mary Janes, T-Straps or plain jane regular pump style? Do I get ribbon ties put into the cheap Connie pumps thus creating my own style?

Your opinions are appreciated. Please chime in. :)


Anonymous said...

I love the top pair (Connie I think?) the Franco Sarto are gorgeous (always so stylish yet comfortable to wear) and the Calvin Klein! Those would be my 3 picks!

I'm hitting the mall tomorrow night and hoping I can at least find the Sarto pair as I also desperately need grey shoes. (or at least that's what I'm telling myself! ;) )

Great finds!

gigiofca said...

I vote for 1, 4, & 5. :-)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thanks cK. You might want to check out The Bay. That's where I got all of my shoes. They're having a Designer Shoe Sale this week. Ends on Thursday! I hope you find what you're looking for. :) Thanks for the votes.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thanks Gigi for your vote! I'm certainly leaning towards the Mary Anne Mary Janes by Connie and the Orianna by Calvin Klein.

Real Working Mom of OC said...

I love the Franco's, the Calvin's, and the top pair of Connie's (probably in that order). Nice price on the Connie's. All are very cute!

Erin said...

FYI lord and taylor has the Calvin Klein Orianna's on sale for 47.99!! They don't have black suade but they have black patent and chocolate suade. Here is the link:

Rachel said...

OK, you NEED to keep the dark grey suede! Those are AMAZING. The shoes I'm craving right now are red and are adorably retro!

There's tons of colors too!

Rachel at ShoeMall