Friday, October 2, 2009

Vancouver Home & Interior Design Show Winners

I have 3 pairs of tickets and exactly 3 winners. How perfect! The winners are:


Candy in Canada

Silly g

Congratulations to our Winners! I'd like to get these tickets out to you immediately for the show starts next Thursday. Please email me at with your addresses and I'll pop these tickets into the mail for you right away!

Congratulations once again. I hope you'll get lots of ideas, meet Ty Pennington and have a blast at the show!!!


Candy in Canada said...

Hi: I wrote you an email, did you receive it? my email is :) have a great day.

Candy in Canada said...

Dear~~Dear ~~~~Thank you~~`thank you very very much. I received the tickets this morning. and also big thanks for extra tickets for my friends. ^_^