Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today's Outfit and the new F21 Silk Flower Necklace

Today's outfit:

J Crew Sharkskin Skirt in Deep Plum
J Crew Lea Merino Cardigan in Heather Grey
J Crew Perfect Fit Tank in Slate
F21 Silk Flower Necklace

F21 Silk Flower Necklace Review

I received this Necklace, along with all of my other F21 goodies, yesterday. I had been looking forward to getting this necklace since it first popped up on the US site. I then waited patiently for about 2 weeks for it to show up on the Canadian F21 site and when it did, I immediately snagged it.

I really like this necklace. The dark purple shade is the perfect match to my J Crew Sharkskin skirt. While I had not intended to wear it with my Sharkskin skirt, it truly is the perfect match.

The necklace is quite large, as you can see from the picture. The largest flower measures about 4 inches in diameter. There are about a eight silk flowers attached to a felt backing. The Felt backing gives the necklace weight and a good base so that it sits flat on the chest.

I've gotten many compliments on this necklace already. In fact, one of the ladies in my office acknowledged that the necklace looks very attractive in person whereas the online picture makes it look quite silly.

I like this necklace because it looks like the flowers are a part of my shirt as opposed to being a necklace. I like that it looks like a framed collar on my tank. Obviously a scooped-neck top helps the look of a framed collar; that said, a shirt collar would obviously not have the same effect.

I haven't had a chance to try it with a white crew neck tee and jeans. (That's how I had initially intended on wearing this necklace). Now that I think about it, I don't know if I'll like the crew neck with this necklace. I guess I won't know until I try, right? But I certainly like the look of the scoop neck top with this necklace. The look is reminiscent of the Silk Pleated Posy Top - in that it has a large framed collar.

I like it so much that I'm now comtemplating getting it in the black as well.

So, what do you think of the F21 Silk Flower Necklace? Do you like it? Would you consider getting it?


gigiofca said...

I loooove this necklace. I have it in black. I've seen the purple and it's so pretty. You look good. :-)

Chloe said...

GORGEOUS! And now (of course) I want it. *makes grabby hands*

Thanks for snapping some pics of it!

post-fab princess said...

Love it!!! Gotta go now, I'm going to peruse F21!!

Such a nice outfit!

Diana Draw said...

I've been debating whether or not to order this thing for a month! Thank you so much for the IRL pics. It's much bigger than I thought it would be - but still adorable nonetheless. I really like it. The purple looks very beautiful.

Question - what color is more true to life? Your pic or the F21 pic?

C said...

that necklace looks fine on you, but I am not sure I would be able to wear it- might spend the whole day looking down, sort of checking to see if the flowers were in the right spot. I also have to wear an ID tag at work and that thing is very annoying with asymmetrical collars, some necklaces and scarves. I really love that shade of purple and I like it with gray.

HeidiG said...

Late chiming in here - I think it's way cute! I may have to check it out IRL!! thanks for sharing.

D. said...

Fantastic this necklace!!!

kisses from Brasil