Friday, October 2, 2009

New Purchases

I've been really curtailing my shopping of late. Don't get me wrong. I've still been shopping... just not as much, that's all.

However, I did make a nice online purchase today from F21 that I must share with you. I've been eyeing these items on the F21 site for a few weeks now... waiting oh, very patiently for them to show up on the Canadian site and suddenly, they all popped up on the Canadian site today.

I dropped everything and placed my order immediately. I can't wait for them to arrive. I'm loving F21 jewelry of late. I figure, why pay a ton on jewelry to only have it fall apart on me. If they're going to fall apart, I may as well just get cheap jewelry, right? And that's what I did.

Let's hope that they're just as cute in person as they are in the pictures. So, here's what I purchased today.

Silk Flower Necklace

Glamour Faceted Ring

Pearl Set Daisy Ring

Chiffon Flower Front Top

Aren't these items adorable? I'm particularly excited to receive the Silk Flower necklace. I realize that it's a little over-the-top but I can honestly see it with jeans and a white tee with a lavender or peony sweater over top. I think that it'll look just darling!

Do you like any of my purchases? Do you own any of them? Love to hear your thoughts.


Amanda K said...

Those look so pretty!!

Have a great weekend!

KDot said...

Oooooh, I like that purple necklace. Let us know how it looks in real life. I might have to place a F21 order. . .

HeidiG said...

Fab purchases - that flower necklace is esp gorgeous. Can't wait to see IRLs!!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

I *almost* buy the flower necklace every single time I am in F21...I think it would look great with jeans and a white tee as well! Let me know if you like it!

Have a fun weekend!