Monday, October 19, 2009

Fashion Advise Needed Please

URGH! I need help.

I just found out that Honey and I will be attending the Gold Medal Plates Fund-Raiser on Friday, October 23, 2009. It all sounded awesome and amazing until I realized that ..... it's this Friday. 4 days from today! Eeeeek!

What is the Gold Medal Plate? click here for more info

Gold Medal Plates is the ultimate celebration of Canadian Excellence in cuisine, wine, entertainment and athletic achievement. Celebrating in six cities across Canada in 2009, Gold Medal Plates will feature superb wines and the premier chefs in each city, paired with Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes, in a competition to crown a gold, silver and bronze medal culinary team in each city, and subsequently nation-wide.

Founded in 2003, the goal of Gold Medal Plates is to raise substantial funds for Canada's high performance athletes, while celebrating Canadian excellence. Since 2004, this event has received tremendous support and accolades all across Canada, and generated a combined net total of $2.8 million for Canada's Olympic and Paralympic athletes!

The competing chefs include:

Angus An, Gastropod Catering & Maenam Restaurant
Andrea Carlson, Bishop's
Rob Feenie, Cactus Club
Don Letendre, Elixir
Dale MacKay, Lumiere
Tobias McDonald, La Belle Auberge
Pino Posteraro, Cioppino
Dino Renaerts, Diva at the Met
Vikram Vij, Vij's
James Walt, Araxi

I'm soooo psyched about this event. It'll be like Iron Chef on Steriods! All of these chefs are amazing! And.... Rob Feenie competed and won Iron Chef America! I can't wait to eat their creations, that's for sure!!!

So what's my issue?

My issue is this. Honey got the tickets today and it reads "Black Tie" or Cocktail attire. There is a VIP Cocktail Reception, formal sitdown dinner and Silent Auction, all to be had on this evening. The event starts at 5:15pm and I have to go directly from work.

So, my question is, should I go Black Tie - ie. long formal gown, or cocktail dress? The invite also reads to wear Red to show support of our Olympians. I don't own a red dress and I'm not about to run out an buy one ... just for this event.

We're also expecting Rain on Friday... so trudging around downtown from the office to my car is going to be a bitch in a long formal gown.

What should I wear? HELP!!!


Joyce said...

I would wear your abstract rose strapless dress. It's a cocktail dress and it has red in it. You could add a red wrap to bring the color out. Why do I know your closet so well?

Anonymous said...

Or you could do a basic black cocktail dress and pick up any cute red pumps if you don't own any....

I like the abstract rose strapless idea. =)

woodsy said...

Or what about a handbag with red accents?

Shannon said...

How about a black cocktail dress and red lipstick?
What ever you decide, have fun! Sounds like a great event

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Joyce, you made me laugh out loud! You know my wardrobe waaaay too well. lol! I really like your idea of the Abstract Rose strapless dress. Hmmm.... I think that could work.

I had originally thought of wearing the Seaglass Gown. Do you remember that one? It's a silk maxi dress with thin spaghetti straps done in a melange Red, pink, gold and white. I personally thought that it would be stunning for the occasion - furthermore, it has all of the colors of a Canadian sponsored Olympics - Red, Gold, White... but then I remembered, it's scheduled to rain come Friday and I certainly wouldn't want to try to walk from my office to the parking garage in a full-length dress. But don't you think that would work well?

Then my other thought was to go with what CDP, Woodsy and Shannon said about a black cocktail dress with Red accents - like a pair of shoes, lipstick or a purse.

I went searching through my 2nd closet today (it's where I put my seldom worn stuff) and found a black strapless cocktail dress (I completely forgot that I even owned this one). I purchased it over a year ago and haven't worn it. It's strapless with an A-line skirt. It's by Pink Tartan and I got it from Holt Renfrew and the style is almost identical to the Lorelei, only difference is that it has embroidery and sequins going down one side of the dress and around the hem. It's a little boring I think but certainly classy and understated - which is sorta like a YAWN to me! ... which begs me to ask myself... why did I buy this dress? I guess it's for occasions like this, right?

As for jewelry, I was going to wear a large statement necklace to up the wow factor - since the dress is a little boring.

However, I still have no red. Argh! I could do a Red bag - but I really should do a small Red evening bag not my large Red Andie, right? Would the Red Andie be too distracting? It would certainly make a statement, that's for sure!

I don't own Red shoes or a Red Scarf unfortunately. So, it's either Red Lipstick or the Red Andie. What do you all think? Is the Andie the wrong look?

Chloe said...

I love love love your red Andi bag, but if it's black tie I'd opt for a red clutch. Do you have anywhere where you can run and buy one cheap? I love the idea of a black dress with red accessories...

Good luck and let us know what you decide on wearing!