Tuesday, September 22, 2009

J Crew Storybook Charm Bracelet vs. Aldo's Gulbrandsen

While reading my blogs this morning, I came across a Post in JCrewAficionada's Blog here about the return (or sorta return) of the Storybook Charm Bracelet. I was extremely intrigued so I called the nearest Aldo store, had them place it on hold for me and literally ran out the door to pick it up.

I fell in love with the J Crew version when it was first introduced. But at $125, I could not justify keeping it. After hanging on to it for about 5 months (of which I honestly did not wear it for it still had all the tags on), I finally returned it.

So, when I found out that Aldo had a version identical to J Crew's, I knew I had to have it.

Now that I have it in my hands, while they are almost identical from afar (meaning from pictures), they are certainly NOT the same bracelet. Let me explain:

  1. Charm sizes are the same but the finish is not as perfect as J Crew's.

  2. Starburst Flower on J Crew's is covered with pearls. Aldo's has no pearls. It simply has the ring of pink balls with a white center ball. The center ball on J Crew's is a little pearl.

  3. The center of Daisy Flower is painted on while the J Crew version is an actual bead.

  4. The stone used for the body of the bee in J Crew's offering is an actual 2-tone stone of purple and yellow stripes. On the Aldo version, the yellow stripes are painted on the stone.

  5. The clasp is not as fancy as J Crew's. I personally love the look of the Nautical Clasp versus Aldo's Lobster Clasp.

So, what did I do?

I BOUGHT IT OF COURSE!!! And.... not just one bracelet, but TWO! I bought Two Bracelets.

So you're probably wondering why the hell did I buy the bracelet, let alone 2 despite all the differences? Well, for starters, the bracelet is only $19.99 (yes, it's slightly more expensive in Canada). Secondly, who the heck is going to know (okay besides myself and all of my readers) that I have a J Crew Storybook Charm Bracelet Knockoff? If anyone were to ever ask, I'd tell them the truth. I cheaped out and got mine from Aldo's. Finally, Aldo's was having a 2 for 1 sale. I got 2 bracelets for $19.99. That's $9.995 each. You can't beat that, that's for sure!

And just in case the first one breaks, I'll have a back-up and whenever I get tired of it, I could always re-design it.

So, to everyone reading this, if you don't already own the J Crew Storybook Bracelet and want an inexpensive copy, RUN! Don't walk! to your nearest Aldo store or failing that, order it online. (Sorry, online does not have a 2 for 1 sale).

Would you be ordering an Aldo Knockoff?


A Bigger Closet said...

Welcome back! I saw this bracelet online at Aldo as well recently and wondered if it was the same. Anyway it looks pretty darned close to the real thing, so enjoy. And what a great deal with the 2 for 1 deal! :)

KDot said...

Ok, I'm hitting the mall tomorrow!

ashley said...

i saw this post this morning too and i was so surprised as to how similar they are!! no one will ever really know it is a knockoff! so im definitely going to check out my local aldo. post a real life pic when you can! :)

pixelant said...

awesome! I'm gona go check it out at Aldo! Thanks for the review!

gigiofca said...

Wow, the Aldo version is very close. Nice work! :-)

amy kelinda said...

It's super close to the same thing, and for that price, you can't beat it! I don't wear charm bracelets too often because I have a desk job where I type type type all day (which I'm supposed to be doing now, by the way), and charm bracelets bang against the desk too much. Too bad, because it's super cute!

Emily said...

Wow I am impressed. It so close to the J. Crew version and so much cheaper. I think I may get the Aldo version just for fun!

MCW said...

I just ordered in online after searching ALL over NYC for it! And I bought 2!