Friday, July 24, 2009

What To Wear - Help Desperately Required!

One of the FFMs (Fashion Forward Managers) in my office approached me yesterday with a question. And since I wasn't very much help to her, I asked if it would be okay for me to pose this question to my fabulous Blog Readers who will no doubt assist her with her dilemma.

So, this question goes out to all you Fashionistas. Please help my FFF (Fashion Forward Friend), who also happens to be my coworker, figure out what to wear.

Here's the scenario.

She's a Marketing Executive for our corporation. She's been invited to a Seattle Mariners game as a representative of our organization and will be in one of their Suites / Box with a slew of other high-ranking corporate executives. I've seen the list of people who will be in the suite with her and let's just say that I'm very impressed. So, my question is, what is she to wear?

Does she go casual, ie. Jeans? Or Business Dress? Or Summer attire, ie. Summery Type Dress? or Elegant Evening?

Whenever I'm in a Suite at the Canucks game, I'm pretty casual - Jeans, nice Tee, Cardigan - very J Crewish. But that's hockey for you.

But what would you wear to a Mariners' Game in a Suite?

I hope you can help. I've told my FFF that I would get back to her on Monday with all of your fantastic ideas and hopefully, she'll find the perfect outfit.

Please feel free to Chime-In! Thanks in Advance Fashionistas!


Law and Fashion said...

Hmmm good question! I think I would wear something that could be considered professional OR casual. Maybe jeans/khakis with a twinset or a nice patterned dress with fun flats. I would definitely go more on the casual side but a dressy casual. I hope this helps!

Diana Draw said...

I'd go with business casual, if not a suit; it's understood that she doesn't want to look stuffy, but she's also representing the company amongst other "high-ranking corp. execs." I would not do jeans, though it sounds tempting.

It might be good to bring a suit jacket (at least) to throw on over any casual attire to get an instant authoritative/business look in case she finds herself under-dressed. The jacket would work for dinner, too, if that happens after the game.

Marie said...

I'm thinking beige chino (not distressed) with a navy Jackie twinset and pearls.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

I love all your ideas so far. Please keep them coming. I want to give as many options as possible.

JennC said...

I've been in similar situations, and have opted for either a sheath dress in a summery color (ie beige with light accessories) or a nice sateen shirt dress, as its more or less a combination of the classic button down collared shirt with a skirt. Both options are professional, yet airy and appropriate for an outdoor (warm-weather) sports event. I would also recommend bringing along a light shawl that could double as a scarf/cover-up (with the shirt dress), or a cardigan (for the sheath dress) in the event it gets cold indoors. HTH! Let us know what she ends up wearing!

DaniBP said...

I think your co-worker should not wear jeans. A simple sleeveless dress with some nice flats or dressy sandals would be appropriate. She should bring along a cardigan or a little jacket. Something like the textured hemp dress with it's little matching Jacki-O-ish jacket (JCrew spring 09) would be perfect. I have that outfit in the papaya and I loveth.
I would stay away from a wrap as it is very date-ish. This is a business event after all. She will be much more confident if she is dressed appropriately!
Hope that helps. Let us know what she decides!

cyclone said...

A Mariners fan has told me that he's seen casual dress (w/ baseball caps) even in the suites, and that the fact that it's a sports event shouldn't be forgotten.

I'd wear a navy blue Mariners tee with a pearl or dressy necklace, with a navy blazer over it, un-distressed darkwash jeans and contrasting shoes that pop.

If she goes to an evening dinner afterwards, she could swap out the tee for a glitzy top and swap the pearls for refined earrings.

Mikaela said...

i think that definitely she should dress in the colors of the mariners!

(since she probably doesn't have or wont' be able to get a mariners tee in time, but if she could i love that idea!)

no heels, no jeans. wear khakis, or chinos.

don't forgot to check the weather, because where i live night games especially can get very chilly!!

Suzy said...

I do know that I have attended such events as a "spouse." They tend to be pretty much "business casual" for the men....they wear polos and khaki's, maybe khaki's and a team jersey/hat - type of clothing that would be acceptable for business casual conventions or casual Friday's. So, as a female exec., I would follow the same...anything from khaki's, to a sleeveless summer dress w/cardigan, sandals, etc.

Hope you'll let us know what she decides! :-)

Jillian, Inc said...

You can never go wrong with a pretty sundress.