Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday - My 2nd Weigh-In

As you all know, I am currently following the "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" program. Per the program, my goal is to lose the fat while building on lean muscle mass. The ideology behind this program is that a higher percentage of lean muscle mass will help you become a "Fat Burning Machine".

I spent the week doing the following:
1.) Eating as clean as I possibly can.
2.) Keeping my caloric intake to approx. 1700 calories per day.
3.) Keeping my cheat meal to Saturday night only.
4.) Maintaining my workout schedule; 45-50 minute Cardio workout 4 sessions a week plus another 4 sessions of resistance training.

Was it a tough week? Of course it was! But it was soooo worth it because of my results.

Here's my 1st true set of comparative results.

For Friday, July 24, 2009:
Weight: 126.6 lbs
Body Fat %: 25.4%
Lean Muscle Mass: 94.44 lbs
Body Fat Weight: 32.16 lbs

And here's how it compares to the previous week:

Weight: Loss 1.6 lbs.
Body Fat %: Loss 1% Body Fat
Lean Muscle Mass: Increase of 0.08 lbs (Whoooo Hoooo! Yes, the goal is to increase LMM!)
Body Fat Weight: Loss 1.68 lbs

When I first stepped on the scale and saw that my weight was 126.6 lbs, I was a little worried that I had lost lean muscle mass. But after doing the necessary calculation, I was thrilled to find out that I loss Body Fat and gained Lean Muscle Mass.

I'm soooo excited! ... and this was what I needed to help motivate me along.

So, here's a start to yet another week. My very short term goal is to lose another 2% body Fat - for a goal Body Fat percentage of 23.4% by the time we head to Whistler on August 13th.

If you have any questions about the program I'm on or would like to ask questions, please feel free to do so. I'd be happy to respond.

Have a great weekend all!


gigiofca said...


Weepy Dido said...

what method do you use to calculate body fat? I'm in shape but looking to tone up and I think reducing body fat may be the way to go since I don't really want to lose weight. You can just email me if you don't want to post to the blog. I'm interested in how your program works out for you! Thanks!

Becca said...

I should measure my body fat rather than my weight. I have been working on losing fat for the past month and have only lost 1 pound. :-( A more accurate picture may have been shown if I had been keeping track of body fat this whole time rather than weight. I have a feeling I have lost some body fat because my clothes are fitting better.

Congrats on the loss!! :-)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thanks Gigi!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Weepy Dido. I'll be glad to share my info with you.

To calculate my body fat, I actually use a Body Fat Scale. There are several out in the market place including, Weight-Watchers, Omron, Seca and Tanita. I don't think it really matters which one you use because: 1.) The most accurate measure of Body Fat must be done in a clinical setting and is terribly expensive. 2.) The purpose of a home-use Body Fat Scale is NOT to give you an exact measure of your body fat (btw, it is relatively accurate) but a point of reference to which you compare your progress against.

While the programme recommends that I use calipers, I personally decided to use the Fat Scale instead. It's convenient. While I have Calipers, I find it quite cumbersome and since I'm not an expert at the pinch, hold and measure, I decided to use the fat scale instead.

Like yourself, I'm happy with my shape - I don't necessarily want to lose weight per se, but I definitely want to tone and to see definition in my body. I had spent months obsessing about my little pooch (my small muffin top between my belly button and the top of my hips. I had gone as far as considering getting a mini-abdominalplasty among other procedures when I decided that I would try to burn the fat off myself.

I have found that weight loss alone does not give you a firm body. Weight loss shrinks the body but to get definition, I need to burn the fat - so that's the programme I'm on.

Without sounding like I'm trying to hawk this programme (because I am definitely not), this programme focuses on building muscles because it's muscles that help burn the fat. Those who focus on starving the fat (ie. on a low-calorie diet - of which I had engaged in) not only causes the body to burn fat but it also causes muscle loss - which is not ideal since it's muscle that helps burn fat. The perfect goal is to burn fat and build lean muscle. I hope this makes sense.

My plan is to post my progress (good and bad) every Friday. It acts as a form of accountability for me but it also tracks my performance. I've also learnt a few tricks that I will also share here with my readers so I hope you'll come back to visit often.

I don't know if I quite answered your question. If I didn't, please feel free to ask. I'm all about sharing.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Becca, I agree. Don't focus on the scale alone. Based on what I've learnt, I would recommend that you differentiate between Lean Muscle Mass and Body Fat. That way, you will know exactly what you're losing and what you're building.

If you were to look at my results this week, based on the scale alone, I lost 1.6 lbs. But when I calculate the loss based on my Lean Body Mass and Body Fat, you will see that I increased by Lean Body Mass by 0.08lbs and that I actually lost 1.68lbs in Body Fat. The scale showed that I had only lost 1.6lbs but in fact, I lost 1.68lbs of fat.

The Fat scales are relatively inexpensive. I would highly recommend that you get one if its feasible.

Since your clothes are fitting better, I'm sure you've lost some body fat. Just curious, what is your programme like?

ManoloChooLou said...

Congrats! Must feel great :)

I feel like I've been trying to lose the last five pounds for months now, but my diet has been pretty poor as of late. I need to start eating clean again!