Wednesday, July 8, 2009

FLO - Fat Loss Goals

You have to set goals. Otherwise, how would you know that you’ve achieved what you’ve set out to achieve?

Isn’t that the truth!

In order to keep me focused on my Fat Loss journey, I have come up with the following goals:

Longer Term Goals:

  • Attain body fat percentage of 18% by December 1, 2009
  • Attain body fat percentage of 16% by February 6, 2010 – just in time for our next vacation!
  • Maintain average body fat percentage of 18%.

Short Term Goals:

  • Engage in 45 minutes of Cardio workouts 4 days a week.
  • Engage in Weight-Resistance Training 3 days a week – focusing on 2 areas at a time, ie. Arms & Abs, or Arms and Legs.
  • Rest 1 day a week
  • Eat every 2 to 3 hours. Include lean protein with every meal.
  • Stop eating by 7pm each evening (this one is going to be very tough – I know it already.. and that’s why it’s part of my goal!)
  • Eat Breakfast within 2 hours of waiting up – particularly on weekends.
  • Drink 72 oz of water everyday – particularly on weekends.
  • Minimize Junk Food eating to 2 days a week only (and within limitation).

These are my goals. As far as the exercise portion goes, I’ve been bang-on. However, I keep blowing my goal of “Stop Eating by 7pm each evening”. I need to really work on that. My last goal of “minimize junk food eating to 2 days a week” is a very good goal for me as well. I’m a bit of a grazer. I’ll grab a couple of Cheezies while packing Kitty’s lunch or I’ll sneak a slice of cheese or a cookie or 2 or 3 while packing my lunch for the next day – so as you can see, this last goal is a good one for me.

I need to write down my goals otherwise, I will not be able to keep focused on my Fat Loss. After all, this FL thing is a long term goal and we all know how quickly long term goals can get blown if we’re not completely focused on it.

So there you go. These are my FL goals. Are you trying to lose some weight as well? Do you have any weight-loss goals?


Emily said...

Good goals!

I've been losing weight as well. I have pretty generic goals tho - I'm using the "Lose It!" app on my iphone, where I enter eveything I eat, and every calorie I burn thru exercise. It tells me how much I need to take in/burn in order to lose my goal of 1 lb per week. It worked for the first 5 or so months this year, but now I've lost enough weight that it's just not physically possible for me to lose a lb a week now. I'd look like Mary Kate Olsen! :)

My general goal is to get into my 130's by the time I turn 31. I'm almost there. I try to burn at least 1000 calories a day at the gym - I spent about 2 to 3 hours a day working out. Which isn't new. I've always worked out a lot.

My eating habits haven't changed...just eating slightly less than I used to. I can't imagine doing the "no food after 7pm" thing! I don't even get home til 8pm or later.

Good luck!!! :) You have some great goals - I don't even know my body fat %, I think that's truly the healthiest goal to have, maintaining that.

Becca said...

I agree...excellent goals! I want to lose 17 pounds. I am running a half marathon in September and I want to at least lose 10 pounds by the time it takes place. That will put me at the same weight as when I ran a half in May 2008. But training for a race and losing weight is not easy. My other goals are to eat at least a salad every day, (I don't like to eat veggies) work out at least 6 days a week, and stay away from candy. (Chocolate doesn't count because I can eat it in moderation.)

I haven't had my body fat tested for awhile. Last summer it was 17%, but that was before the 10+ pound weight who knows now.

Keep up the good work! :-)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Emily, I'm very impressed with the burning of 1000 calories a day! Wow! Good for you! I just don't have the time to commit to 2 to 3 hours at the gym each day. I wish I did though. :(

Yes, I'm still battling the eating before 7pm thing. It's very hard. But like everything else, I'm battling along.

I wish you the best in your weight loss goals. It's important to have these goals isn't it? It certainly keeps one focus.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Becca, wow! A half marathon! I'm impressed! I can't run. I've tried and I suck at it. I hate the pounding. It does not work for me whatsoever so that's why I'm on the elliptical instead. I really like that and I can be on it for an extended period with no problems at all.

17% body fat is amazing! I'm envious (in a good way that is!) I'm certainly working on lowering my body fat. Your story is certainly inspirational!

Chloe said...

Good for you, lady! It's great to have goals. I'm also super jealous of Becca because I'm not a runner for the same reasons- my body hurts as is, and I have to be as careful as possible to not make it hurt even more. It's the elliptical (or walking or a bike) for me all the way.