Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I wasted 2 hours of my life today which I will never ever get back.

I called to confirm my rate with Bell Mobility Canada today and was treated like I was a liar. Yes, a Liar. I have never been so insulted in my life ever!

Here's the Coles-Notes version:

Upon calling Customer Service, I was told that my monthly rate plan was $62.70 a month. I corrected them and told them, no that's wrong. It should be $47.70 per month as per the written quote by a Sales Rep at their store and my agreement.

The original Call-Center Rep I dealt with was very professional and tried to help me through the situation. Confident that I was 100% correct, I asked her to hold while I called the store directly to speak with the Salesperson who had sold me my contract.

When I called, I was told that the nice young man I had dealt with was no longer with the company. I then asked to speak with the Manager (whom I had also dealt with the day I signed my contract) and was told that he too was no longer at the store. The fine young man I spoke with over the phone told me that he would try to track down the Manager in question and have him call me.

I went back to my conversation with the CSR who desperately tried to fix the situation. She acted as a liaison between myself and her Supervisor, Rosie - Employee # 0121833, and at the end, she simply had to put her Supervisor on the phone for only Rosie could help me with my problem.

Until this point, I still had faith in Bell. Despite having been on the phone for over 90 minutes at this point, I honestly believed that I could get my problem fixed.

Rosie came on and I explained to her that I purchased my plan based on the quote provided by the Salesperson. I told her that I had a copy of the Agreement in front of me as well as a copy of the quote (to which the Salesperson had stapled his business card to). Rosie essentially didn't believe me. I told her that I wasn't making the quote up. My purchase was based on the quote and had I known that the quote was wrong and that my rate would be considerably higher, I certainly would not have gotten the plan. I told her that I had the quote right here in my hand - along with my Agreement.

Rosie basically told me that I could have written up the quote myself and that there was no proof that the Salesperson had written it up. Now Rosie, why in the world would I do that? Firstly, how would I know what your various plans are? Secondly, how would I know how much to quote on a plan? Thirdly, I have better things to do in this world than to make up a quote in an attempt to save myself $20 a month? If I was going to try to save myself some money, I would write the quote in such a way that the plan is essentially FREE!!!

I wrote up the quote myself? Come On Now!!! And you're the Senior Supervisor???!!!

So here's the plan I was originally quoted:

For $47.70 (not inclusive of taxes), I would get 250 daytime minutes + free evenings and weekends. I would also get Voicemail, Call Display, Unlimited Text and 500 MB of Data.

Despite the fact that I purchased the above plan on good faith, based on a written quote, Rosie, the Senior Customer Service Supervisor told me that she could not honor my rate.

Instead, for $48.70 ($1.00 more), she would offer me the same plan but instead of 500 MB of Data, my data package would now be 2MB. And... to rub salt into the wound, my new rate would be effective come August. She would NOT make that rate Retroactive.

Nice! Perfect Customer Service. In essence, the quote I received meant squat! The contract I signed, based on my quote, meant nothing. Bell could, in essence, go ahead and charge me for whatever they want to charge. Just great!



Seeing that I've wasted 2 precious hours of my life, I decided to accept the plan. I had no fight left in me. Rosie changed my plan and my 2 hour call ended.

Not 5 minutes after I hung up the phone with Rosie (who really ought to return to Customer Service School, btw), the nice young man from the Bell Mobility Store called me. He located the problem.

He told me that there was a promotion on my phone at that time and that YES the plan did exist. Bell Mobility was offering a Data package with my phone. The Regular Data Package of $35 a month was available for $20.


However, there was a small problem. The young man told me that I was misquoted. My rate should have been $52.70 NOT $47.70. What happened was that the previous young man had given me my Corporate Discount when the Corporate Discount was not to be applied to the HTC phone programme.

Hey, I understand. We all make mistakes. PLEASE DON'T CALL ME A LIAR OR INSINUATE THAT I AM A LIAR!!! That's just down-right unprofessional!

Anyway, the nice young man said that he would speak with Customer Service to find out if they will continue to honor my rate for that's what I was quoted and what my decision to purchase was based on.

I respect that.

But as far as Mr. CEO of Bell Mobility Canada is concerned, this is what I have to say to you.

  1. I purchased my plan based on the quote provided. A misquote on the part of the Salesperson is no fault of mine. Hence, you need to honor the rate I was quoted.
  2. You need to retrain Rosie. She's brutal. I realize that she doesn't know me but please, your front-line people should give the benefit of the doubt to the Customer.

I realize that I'm only a number in your infinite customer service base. But I am a customer and I should be treated like a customer.

I highly doubt that Bell Mobility Canada will honor the rate quoted to me. After my experience today, I'm smart enough not to hold my breath on this one!


post-fab princess said...

Ridiculous. I feel for you - Bell customer service, in my experience, has always been a trial. Poor you!!!

Anonymous said...

You need to talk to their Loyalty Retention department. Start throwing around the word, "Telus" and not only will they change your bill to the amount quoted but will no doubt add some features for free.

I would also write a lawyer-esque letter to their governing body with a photocopy of your original bill, all names of people involved that you spoke to in the store, on the phone etc.

Good Luck!

PS Can you tell just a little I may have been through this before? LOL

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thank you post-fab princess and ck for your support on this matter. I've asked the nice young man at my local Bell Mobility Corporate Store to bring this matter to the attention of the Regional Manager. I trust that he will for he's been good to his word all day today.

Interestingly, I currently hold a Managerial position whereby I have to deal with similar issues as the one I am currently experiencing with Bell. Professionally speaking, if someone - regardless who they are, in my organization screws up, we accept it, admit our mistake, do whatever we need to make it up to our customer and move forward. That's what Customer Service is all about.

I honestly hope Bell Mobility Canada takes the high-road on this matter.

Candy in Canada said...

I toally understand your pain and I've been there before. That's why after 3 years of pain...we switch from Bell to Rogers. +_+

Bonnie said...

I've just been screwed by Bell. They charged me $500 on my credit card to cancel my 2 family plan phones by mistake and admitted it was a mistake on their part but...I don't get my $$$ back for 74 days as per "industry standard" and of course no interest. How can they get away with this? I'm steamed.