Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things I Need...

Okay, it's not like I really need all of these things but I would really like to have, achieve, possess, attain..... some if not all of these things in no respective order - some, immediately and others, within this lifetime.

  • Vacation - not just a day off but a real 3 weeks in some exotic place vacation - preferably more than once or twice a year
  • Haircut - I'm due for one
  • Color and Highlights to go with my new haircut
  • New Computer
  • Eye-Glasses with new funky Frames
  • Awesome pair of Sunglasses, also with funky Frames
  • An amazing Financial Planner who can grow my money exponentially
  • A Facial, Manicure and Pedicure
  • And while I'm at it, A Long Massage
  • Stop my mindless snacking habit
  • More money
  • Mini Tummy Tuck
  • Porsche Cayenne S
  • More Time
  • Recreational property / vacation home
  • Compassion
  • Generosity
  • Patience... definitely Patience!!!
  • Greater Germ-Fighting Immunity
  • Charitability
  • Personal Assistant who can read minds - for if I have to spell it out, I may as well just do it myself (see, back to that Patience thing... I need more Patience!)
  • Longer Hair
  • A bigger closet with amazing organizers
  • Good Feet - I have bad feet.
  • An appreciation for Opera and Ballet, while I'm at it
  • Get over my phobia of all things "Bug-Like", ie. Earthworms, Centipedes, Potatobugs, Beetles, Earwigs, etc so that I can work "my" garden - for my husband currently works "my" garden
  • Create an array of necklaces, earrings, bracelets to coordinate with every item I own plus anything I will be owning in the future
  • Save enough money so that when Kitty needs to go to a highly prestigious University someplace farway and needs to live in residence and eventually do a Specialization, that hubby and I can afford to cover it all
  • Invest my money wiser - which comes back to, I need to find an Amazing Financial Planner
  • Accept things that I cannot change - which includes Stupid people - which brings me back to the fact that I need more patience

There's lots more that I need but let's end today's list off here.


Margarita said...

Mini tummy tuck, porsche, vacation.

In that order.

C said...

lots of items there!

Not sure about the "haircut" and "longer hair,".....ultimately not mutually exclusive, but.....

Suggestion: if you get the "vacation home" get a "property manager" too, otherwise you will have 100 headaches.

Personally, I would like the two week REAL vacation, but it would include getting away from all my chores/responsibilities/ not-so-delightful" obsessions, and some of those are tough to get out of my head.

Anonymous said...

ha, this made me smile :) i need so many of these things too.

Chloe said...

Yes, please. *makes grabby hands*

Candy in Canada said...

I also need many things like your list, except I finally make an appointment for haircut next week. :P

Phoenix said...

As a fellow A-type and new reader to your blog, I salute your list-making skills and need for a psychic personal assistant who helps you work on patience.

Yep. Right there with you.