Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Dose of Reality

Man! When people I've grown up with, okay ... forget the fact that I don't know these people personally, but I grew up with these folks, start dying ... like Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, it makes me realize a couple things.

Life is short; You certainly don't know when the Big Guy up in the Sky is going to ask you to come home so it's important to lead a Good life ... and I'm not talking whooping it up and leading that good life but the good life of helping those in need, being true to yourself, your love ones and to God and preparing yourself for that awesome day when He calls you to come home. Yes, Life is short isn't it.

It also makes me realize that I'm getting old. Oh My Gosh, I cannot believe that I'm old. I still remember the days when I was a tween (by the way, that word did NOT exist when I was growing up) and I couldn't wait to be a teenager so that I could start dating ... and when I thought that being in your twenties would make you worldly and that being in your forties was old. Yes,... the forties were old. Now that I'm in my forties (very early forties - mind you!) I certainly don't feel old but those my daughter's age certainly think I'm old. What happened to me? How in the world did I get from being young to suddenly being old? I was speaking with Kitty on the phone earlier today and told her that Michael Jackson had passed away. She said... Who? I'm old.

I remember when my brother idolized Farrah Fawcett. He had that poster of her - the one where she's wearing that thin, and I mean, thin, red bathing suit and her hair's all feathered... know the one? Man! That was over 30 years ago. In my mind Farrah will always be that Feathered Hair Bombshell ... In my mind, she's the original Pam Anderson. She was Pam Anderson before Pam Anderson even started walking. Man, I'm old.

It's one thing when those older than you die. It's another when those you grew up with start dying. Wow! It certainly makes me rethink my life. Let's face it ... chances are, I won't do anything different ... for the Sun will still rise in the East and I'll get up at my usual time to get ready for work ... but for a moment in time, yes, it certainly does make an impact.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Porpoise Bay... hmmm.. actually, Torture Bay

Disclaimer: It truly is stunningly beautiful and relaxing at Porpoise Bay. There is truly nothing wrong with those I had to travel with nor with the location. It's me who is the problem.

As soon as Kitty got out of school, Hubby, Kitty and I took some time off work and went to spend some time at our friend’s ocean-side cottage. Some friends of ours own a cottage (actually a 2 storey house) on the water at Porpoise Bay – a 45-minute Ferry ride and another hour’s drive after that, from Vancouver. Kitty finished school on June 11 and we headed up the next day. It’s a lovely location – however, without sounding ungrateful, it’s a little too rustic for me.

Don’t get me wrong. I love our friends and what they did. They are wonderful, wonderful people… but I’m a modern, big-city girl. I have never camped a day in my life (sleeping in a bunk-bed in a cabin while accompanying Kitty to Brownie Camp is the closest I’ve ever come to Camping and it was a huge accomplishment on my part) and it’s not that staying at our friends was anything like camping but I don’t do mosquitoes, bugs, insects, … actually anything “nature-like” very well at all. Let’s face it; I would never survive on Survivor. In fact, I would likely last shorter than Spencer and Heidi Pratt on “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here”. I’m just not a nature girl and I’m okay with it.

We arrived just before lunch at the cottage. Paul was in the midst of making lunch for all of us when Annalisa arrived after shopping in the little town of Sechelt. The first thing she said was, “Paul, did you remove the spider from the tub” like it was the most natural thing in the world to say… kinda like, what did you do while I was in town?

Spider? Tub? What Spider? Oh My Gosh, I have to be in the Tub with a Spider? My mind is racing at the thought of a Spider … up to this point; I hadn’t once thought that Spiders would exist at the Cottage. What the hell was I thinking? Of course, they would be at the cottage. They are freaking everywhere. I’m almost hyperventilating when my husband looks at me, sees the panic on my face and says to Annalisa, is it dead? To which Annalisa responds, oh no. It’s still alive; it just can’t climb out of the tub. We don’t kill Spiders. We just let them outside.

Me: What the hell do you mean you don’t kill spiders? You just let them outside? If you let them outside, they’ll just come back inside. I need to leave! I need to leave! I need to leave!

Then Annalisa says: You’re not terrified of Spiders are you? It’s a little big. It’s a Wolf Spider.

Me: Oh My Gosh! A Wolf Spider. (I have no idea what a Wolf Spider is. I’ve never seen one before but I don’t like spiders and I know I’m not going to like a Wolf Spider. Of course in my mind, I’m thinking that this Wolf Spider is probably the side of that Spider that lived in the Woods in that Harry Potter movie. You know the one, where all its off-springs feed on any human or animal that comes near its web?

So off Paul goes to pick up the Wolf Spider and let it out the back door. I’m freaked beyond freaked and my lovely husband turns to me and says… “This isn’t your scene, is it?” I shake my head in agreement. He asks if I want to leave and since I really didn’t want to disappoint Kitty since she’d been looking forward to this visit for a while, I say no and try desperately to forget what’s just happened.

After lunch, Kitty and the kids head to the beach. They’re not out the door for more than 10 minutes when Annalisa says, “Don’t worry about Bears, we haven’t seen any this year yet”. Bears???? What!!!! My baby might run into a Bear???!! My husband looks over at me and says, I’m thinking of going for a walk so I’ll go down and check on Kitty and the boys. Phew! Bears!

This is going to be one long freaking 10 days. I think I’ll go home today. By myself. Just me. Alone with no Spiders.... or Bears, for that matter. Okay, we have Bears around our area - but I've never actually seen one. So in my mind, they don't exist. Right? Right!

But I make up my mind that I’m going to be fine. I just have to make sure that no spiders come into our bedroom and into our bed and no spiders come into the washroom when I’m peeing or taking a shower. I just have to be on the lookout. I’m going to be fine. Really. I’m going to be just fine.

Well, I’m glad to report that I didn’t see at Wolf Spiders during our time at the cottage – and let me tell you… I was really on the lookout. I made sure that our sheets and comforter did not touch the floor when we slept. There was a few times where I thought that there was a spider in bed with us but I think it was just my nerves. I flipped the comforter and the sheets completely back before going to bed each evening (to check to make sure that we didn’t have any unwelcomed visitors) and got Kitty to check the washroom before I entered. All in all, it turned out pretty good, I think. Although I think that our friends are certain that I’m completely neurotic. But I’m okay with that!

Kitty found some baby crabs which she let crawl all over her and that truly freaked me out completely. She would come and show them to me and I had to restrain from running away, all the while I was screaming on the inside, “ACK, get away from me, get away from me. No, I don’t want to see these things crawling on you”. But I was taking one for the team and being a sport.

Hubby and Kitty went fishing with the kids where they had to hook live worms as bait and then when they caught a fish, they had to remove the slimy thing off the hook. YUCK! But Hubby and Kitty had a grand ol’ time doing that.

I, well, I read a lot and napped during the day … I think I napped so much because I didn’t get to sleep very much during the night for fear that I was going to have to share my bed with a creepy-crawly! It still gives me the shivers thinking about it.

What did I learn from this trip…? I’ve learnt that I don’t want to own a cottage. In fact, I would like to not go to a cottage again. Hubby and I have always talked about buying a cottage either ocean-front or lake-front but after this trip, I’ve decided that I’m fine without owing a cottage. I would rather spend the money somewhere else… not quite sure where yet for there are spiders everywhere….. I just have to find a place where there are small, teeny spiders, not ones the side of my freaking palm. I’m not a nature girl and I’m okay with that.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Missing In Action

I hope no one’s noticed that I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks. I tend to go through spells where I really don’t have a whole lot to say – even though I have tons happening in my life. I just get into that mode where I need some solitude, hide from the world, be by myself. Know what I mean?

But I'm back.

So what have I been up to during my absence… well, let’s see.

Kitty completed Grade Three with flying colors (I’m so proud of her!)
We spent some time at a friend’s Oceanfront cottage
I received an awesome Jewelry Roll in the mail (of which I will be doing another giveaway later this week)
I went on yet another J Crew Road-Trip plus ordered a few things online; and
Gave further thought to my Shopping Diet.

Well, I sure have lots to write this week for Hubby and I are childless. Kitty’s gone to stay with my parents for a week (I think it’s very important that Kitty spends time with her grandparents. They love her dearly and vise versa. I spoke with Kitty this afternoon and asked if she missed me yet and she said no. I’m glad she’s off to a fabulous visit with them). :)

Be sure to come back tomorrow. Having being silent for about two weeks, I’ve got lots to talk about.

See you soon!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Have you ever...

Bought sooooooo much stuff that you feel soooooo very guilty for having spent soooooo much money that you feel compelled to bring most if not everything you purchased back to the store?

I'm having one of them moments right now .... particularly after I saw the size of my Credit Card Bill.

Why do I do this????

I'm not talking the "thinking of bringing everything back" issue but... why do I always over-buy?

I over-buy and then I feel bad and then I put myself on a shopping diet. Once I feel that I've been good, I go back and blow it all over again.

Now that I think about it, it's really like Dieting, isn't it? And that's why Dieting doesn't work. Look at Kristie Alley, Oprah, countless other people, including myself. For years, I tried Dieting and I've tried numerous diets - everything from the Cabbage Soup Diet to Atkins to South Beach to Slim Fast. Everything! And like the time and the time before, every time I got to where I needed to be, I'd go back to eating the same way and WHAMMO! I'm suddenly FAT again and I wonder why it happened.

My shopping addition is just like when I was Fat and was trying desperately to lose the weight.

Funny, I've never thought of it that way ever! But it's true! It's soooooo very true! Every time I over-spend, I put myself on a Shopping Ban. My bans last me anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 months. I try to be as good as possible while on a Shopping Ban. Occasionally, I will cheat and buy something or somethings during my Ban. Since I'm not buying much during this period of time, I feel pretty good and figure that I must have saved hordes of money. And as soon as I've gotten to the end of my Ban, what do I do???? The first thing I do is go out and blow a ton of money.

It's getting really ridiculous, really! I have hordes of clothes that still have price-tags on them. Some of them so old that I'll likely never ever wear them ever! Sad isn't it? I can't go to the mall / store / online shop without blowing through several hundred dollars in a single go. Houston, we have a problem.

For years, I had loath the way I looked and felt and despite all those Diets, I could never seem to drop the fat, that was until, I changed my lifestyle. I came to the realization that my fatness was not something I could solve temporarily. In order for me to lose the weight, I needed to change everything about me - the way I ate, the way I thought about food, my level of activity, everything!

So, if that was the answer to my weight-loss, a similar solution must be the answer to my shopping addition, wouldn't it?

Hmmmm.... Let's see... I need to structure this plan no different than I structured my life-altering, Lose the Fat Plan. I will be back with a solution. I need time to think about this.

But first, I need to go to the mall.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things I Need...

Okay, it's not like I really need all of these things but I would really like to have, achieve, possess, attain..... some if not all of these things in no respective order - some, immediately and others, within this lifetime.

  • Vacation - not just a day off but a real 3 weeks in some exotic place vacation - preferably more than once or twice a year
  • Haircut - I'm due for one
  • Color and Highlights to go with my new haircut
  • New Computer
  • Eye-Glasses with new funky Frames
  • Awesome pair of Sunglasses, also with funky Frames
  • An amazing Financial Planner who can grow my money exponentially
  • A Facial, Manicure and Pedicure
  • And while I'm at it, A Long Massage
  • Stop my mindless snacking habit
  • More money
  • Mini Tummy Tuck
  • Porsche Cayenne S
  • More Time
  • Recreational property / vacation home
  • Compassion
  • Generosity
  • Patience... definitely Patience!!!
  • Greater Germ-Fighting Immunity
  • Charitability
  • Personal Assistant who can read minds - for if I have to spell it out, I may as well just do it myself (see, back to that Patience thing... I need more Patience!)
  • Longer Hair
  • A bigger closet with amazing organizers
  • Good Feet - I have bad feet.
  • An appreciation for Opera and Ballet, while I'm at it
  • Get over my phobia of all things "Bug-Like", ie. Earthworms, Centipedes, Potatobugs, Beetles, Earwigs, etc so that I can work "my" garden - for my husband currently works "my" garden
  • Create an array of necklaces, earrings, bracelets to coordinate with every item I own plus anything I will be owning in the future
  • Save enough money so that when Kitty needs to go to a highly prestigious University someplace farway and needs to live in residence and eventually do a Specialization, that hubby and I can afford to cover it all
  • Invest my money wiser - which comes back to, I need to find an Amazing Financial Planner
  • Accept things that I cannot change - which includes Stupid people - which brings me back to the fact that I need more patience

There's lots more that I need but let's end today's list off here.