Monday, May 25, 2009

Today's Outfit - Pleated Garden Skirt, Corsage Tee, Chandelier Bracelet, Lea Cardigan, Juliet Midheels

My apologies that I haven't taken any IRL pictures lately. My computer is crap and I can't seem to down load pictures properly. But I will get it fixed soon. I promise. But here's what I wore today.
Firstly, I should mention that my skirt is actually Dark Pewter and not Bright Rhubarb (I own that as well but that's not what I wore today). I paired the skirt with the Corsage Tee in Navy and topped the outfit off with the Lea Cardigan also in Navy. For accessories, I'm wearing the Chandelier Bracelet - which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! And on my feet - the Juliet Midheels.
Today was the first time I was wore the Pleated Garden Skirt in Dark Pewter. I love the look of the skirt. I got it a couple size larger than what I would normally wear so that it would sit lower on the waist. I'm glad I did for I just love the look.
Do you own the Pleated Garden Skirt? Do you like it? What do you wear with it?

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Stylestance said...

I don't have that skirt yet but have always found it simply lovely. I like pairing a fuller skirt with a fitted top the way you did. It's a look I've seen on Michelle Obama lately too. Fitted with full. Balance and elegance. Great outfit!