Sunday, May 3, 2009

More J Crew Reviews

I would have posted yesterday but it was insanely busy .... INSANELY!

I was up by 6:30am, was out the door by 7am to go Grocery Shopping, home at 9am - to let the Cleaners in, then out again - to BR, the Bay and the Bead Store. Was home by 11:45am to say good-bye to the Cleaning ladies, grabbed a quick lunch then out the door again to pick Kitty up from her Baseball Tournament (0f which Hubby was coaching all day and could not get away from it) to drive her to her school's spring fair. We were at the Spring Fair for slightly over 2 hours and then I had to drive Kitty across town to my parents, where she was spending the night. I then raced home to change for the Canucks game to only see them lose last night. It was heart-breaking in a crazy, crazy day! We were home by 9:30pm, in bed by 10pm and slept absolutely soundly until this morning! Man, I was bagged!!!

Today ought to be as crazy as yesterday as well. I thought I would blog early for I have to be out the door in about 40 minutes, pick Kitty up from my parents, take her to the Norwesters' Track Meet today and depending on how she does, if she qualifies - then she'll be in the finals and if she doesn't, then I will have to take her to the last game of her Weekend Baseball Tournament. Then it's off to the Bead Convention and then home again to make Dinner and get ready for the week. I haven't left the house yet and already I'm feeling really tired hearing what I've got to do today! ARGH!

So, back to my J Crew reviews. Here are things that I tried on, loved and purchased.

The first is the Solid Three-Quarter Sleeve Stretch Shirt in Fresh Mint. I had first seen this shirt on Gigiofca on her blog here and thought that the color combination was fantastic with the skirt. While I LOVE the color of the shirt, I don't know if I would wear it often with the Gladiola Pencil Skirt - the only reason being that I think I like the Slate better - but at least, it'll give me an option to wear with the skirt. I purchased it in a size 2. I can see it pulling slightly in the front - that's because I've got a super-duper push-up padded bra on. I sure that it won't pull as badly with a different bra on. I like the fit and particularly the color. I can easily see myself wearing this shirt with jeans, full-leg pants and pencil skirts.

I LOVE the Gladiola Print Pencil Skirt. While I can't wear unstructured, flimsy, silky type fabric pencil skirts, I can sooooo wear structured ones - meaning ones with more weight to the fabric - particularly when they have no sheen to them. I love everything about this skirt. The print is bright and cheery - just perfect for either a cloudy or sunny Spring / Summer day. I love the fact that the fabric has a small percentage of Elastane which allows me to move freely in a form-fitting pencil skirt. Here I have the Gladiola Print skirt paired with the Slub Cotton Scoopneck Tee (which I had to wait 7 weeks to receive - for they were backordered).

BTW, I love this slub cotton Scoopneck Tee as well - not as much as I love the Corsage Tee but the Corsage Tee didn't come in Slate and I really wanted the Slate to wear with the Gladiola Print Pencil Skirt so I didn't have a choice but to get it.

While I would love to blog more right now, I have to run to go pick Kitty up.

But before leaving, I have a question, which top (ie style and color) do you like better with the Gladiola Print Skirt, the tailored Fresh Mint or the more casual Slate?

Have an awesome day everyone. Will post more soon! Again, don't forget to enter the contest if you haven't done so already!!!


Jemma Ruby said...

I vote for the fresh mint shirt!

gigiofca said...

Obviously I love fresh mint. Thanks for the shout out. I think the grey works perfectly as well. However it's a more casual shirt, so think of wearing a sandal with it for a different look. I know the skirt is structured, but you still might be able to do a tee & sandals with it. You look so great in the mint. It's a phenomenal color, isn't it?

gigiofca said...

Oh -- and the corsage tee in slate would have been LOVELY!

AppGal said...'s my favorite skirt that I don't even own! :) this is a fabulous skirt, i totally agree. it looks great on you, and I actually like the mint shirt with it, although the slate looks great too!

ashley said...

both outfits look great on you! you certainly know how to pose! :)

starla729 said...

i would never have thought to put the fresh mint with that skirt, but i think it looks awesome. you can definitely rock that.

i think you will love the slate ruffle scoopneck too. i have it and wear it with tons of stuff. i love it with this skirt too! but the mint is more striking :)

Jillle said...

You look great in that skirt! I vote for the fresh mint. Looks awesome with the skirt.

HeidiG said...

Like with the slate, love with the fresh mint - great to have 2 options. I like Gigi's suggestion of pairing it with sandals with the slate tee.

Totally fab skirt on you!

C said...

OK, more proof that I am a boring fashionista: I like the gray tee better and it does not look too casual to me because of the neckline detailing. I like the mint shirt, but not with the yellow hue in the skirt.

Anonymous said...

BOTH tops look perfect with that skirt!
Awesome ideas!

3-Penny Princess said...

Love both outfits, but that aqua shirt looks awesome! What an unexpected pairing, but it really sings!

Candy in Canada said...

I also vote for the fresh mint shirt! fresh mint shirt and yellow skirtt are perfect match, and skirt does stand up because of that. You look amazing with this outfit.:)