Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let them eat Gauteau!

I am really loving the layered look. The first layered look is from J Crew - the Gauteau Skirt. It's soooo cute, I could just eat it up!

I wasn't sold on the skirt the first time I laid eyes on it online. I thought that it was just another full skirt offered by J Crew - even though it had the cute gauteau layers in it. Then I saw it in person when I visited U Village. I tried the skirt on - not because I thought it was cute (for it really didn't look at cute on the hanger) - but for the sole purpose of being able to review it.

However, once I had it on, I knew that I had to have it. It was just darling! The layers made the skirt poof out - which makes my waist look smaller than it really is and helps downplay my hips and thighs.

I purchased this skirt in a size 4. While I could wear a size 2, I wanted the skirt somewhat longer in length and the larger waist allowed the skirt to sit somewhat lower on my waist. I purchased it in the Champagne shade. I really liked the Bright Fuschia but I already own the Nicky Skirt in that color. The color I really wanted was the bright orange shade but the store didn't carry the skirt in that shade. Regardless, I'm loving this skirt and although I already own a Champagne colored skirt in the Silk Dupioni, the Gauteau skirt is so different that it really wouldn't hurt to have a similar color in a different style.

The second layered look is from Banana Republic. It's the Layered Blouse in a bright Aqua shade. I didn't think much of this shirt the first time I saw it in the store but then I thought about the Gauteau skirt and how cute it looked on so I decided to give it a try. And I'm glad I did for it looks super cute on!

This 100% silk blouse is dreamy soft, light-weight, and not at all see through. It has a boatneck neckline, short sleeves and 5 flirty layers. And while the blouse is layered, it does have a slightly defined waist - thus giving me a bit of a figure - as opposed to having a classic cut that tends to make me look stump-like. I just love the flirty layers on the blouse.

I should also mention that it does not have any buttons or zippers - meaning you have to don this by sliding it over your head. Despite the fact that I have a large head and this blouse is an XS, I didn't have any trouble putting it on. Once on, it fits nicely over my chest with some room to spare. I certainly wouldn't size up. The XS was a perfect fit - sizing up would have made this blouse way too lose and would look sloppy.

As I've said earlier in this post, I'm really loving the layered look. It's pretty, feminine and is a nice change from the traditional ruffles.

Have you tried or do you own the Gauteau Skirt? How about the BR Layered Blouse? Do you like them? Please feel free to share your thoughts on this layered trend.


IRL said...

You look lovely in the skirt and corsage tee, and the layered blouse. I love the layered blouse!!

Hexicon said...

Wow, that skirt looks really cute on you. I never would have considered it until I saw this photo. Anyone know what they're marked down to in the stores? (That's assuming there are any left after my shopping ban ends . . two weeks down; two more to go!)

HeidiG said...

Love both outfits! I have the gateau skirt, but I am returning it tomorrow when I go to Crew. I've had it for a month and a half and still haven't worn it. I think I would have by now in another color - the light pewter in the cotton sateen is almost too silver for me, for more regular wear (esp for a SAHM/WAHM). And, I almost never tuck tops in, so it was about finding tops at the right length to wear out. But do love on you - it will be a great piece for your wardrobe! (and last time I saw at the store, they were $49.99)

Jemma Ruby said...

wow those look good, I love them both but especially the gateau skirt, it is just darling on you!

The Outfit of the day said...

The BR outfit just fits impeccable on you. Good job!