Friday, May 1, 2009

J Crew Reviews - Charmeuse Pencil Skirt, Vintage Shirt, Vintage Slim Jeans, & Perfect Fit Corsage Scoop Neck Tee

Here are a couple of bad pictures I took during my last trip to J Crew. As previously mentioned, I did manage to try on a whole lot of things but was only able to take a few pictures for fear of 1.) Tying up the fitting room because the store was packed and there was a line-up. 2.) The shutter on my camera is fairly loud and I did want to be asked why I was taking pictures. Anyway, here are a few of the items I tried on.

Vintage Shirt and Charmeuse Pencil Skirt

Sorry, I don't know the name of this shirt - though I did notice on the tag that it was from J Crew's Vintage line. It's a light summer fitted shirt in a cotton lawn fabric with the prettiest tucking down the front, trim around the collar plus on the sleeves. I tried on the size 2 and it fitted nicely. For comparison purposes, I wear between a size 2 and size 4 shirt - depending on the style. Although I liked the style of the shirt, I didn't buy it because it wasn't screaming, buy-me, take-me-home! It was darling but not enough for me to buy it. (If anyone knows the name of this shirt, would you be so kind and let me know? TIA!)

I seldom look good in unstructured skirts - particularly one that has a sheen and the fabric is somewhat thin. The Charmeuse Pencil skirt further confirmed that I don't look good in such skirts. The most annoying thing about this skirt was that the sheen of the fabric showed every bulge and every lump on my hip and thighs. Since I am short, the skirt was also designed too long on me. I didn't like this skirt at all so naturally, it was a no-go.

Vintage Slim Jean in Worn-In Wash

I've been wanting to try these Vintage Slim Jeans for a while now and I'm glad I did because I didn't like them one bit. I normally wear a size 28 Jeans. As you can see, I have on the a Size 28 and they were HUGE on me. I didn't find the legs to be slim. In fact, these jeans reminded me of the ones I wore in the 80s when they were fitted through the hips and baggier through the legs. I also hated how high the rise was on me. They were absolutely hedious and gawd-awful.

Distressed Vintage Slim Jean in Antique Destroyed Wash

I also had the opportunity to try on J Crew's latest Distressed Vintage Slim Jean with the slashed knee. Oh My Gosh! Again, I didn't like these one bit on me. I've come to the conclusion that a this style leg does absolutely nothing for me for it makes me look short and stumpy. I also really didn't like the slash at the knee for I literally put my foot through the slash while trying on the jeans.

Perfect Fit Corsage Scoop Neck Tee

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this tee! In fact, I love it even more than the Slub Cotton Scoop Neck Tee that I had finally received in the mail - having waited 2 months for a back order. The fabric is amazingly soft and has a nice weight to it (it is neither too thin nor too thick - in fact, it's perfect!). I love the flower corsage appliques at the neck and how the scoopneck sits on my chest for it's neither too low nor too high. The price too was a huge selling point for me! This tee is $29.50 compared to the Slub Cotton Scoop Neck Tee at $39.50. And since I was also able to apply my 25% off Red Card to this item, the Tee came to $22.13! What a deal!

I tried on both the Small and the X-Small. Both fit nicely. I purchased 5 colors in this tee - the Breeze, Natural, Beechwood and the Amethyst in Smalls and the Navy in the X-Small. You see, I have a thing about my back fat. I don't have much actually but what little I have, I don't like and I hate it even more if they show under my tees - particularly light colored tees. Anyway, the store was sold out of the Breeze and the Amethyst so I had to order those on the Red Phone. The CSR I spoke with honored my 25% Red Card plus threw in Free Shipping to boot. I was absolutely thrilled. I have yet to wear this tee however, I plan to wear the Natural tomorrow night to the Canucks / Blackhawks game. Go Canucks!

Anyway, that's it for this post. Have a nice evening! I will post and write more over the weekend. Have an awesome weekend all!!!


Petunia said...

Love the tees!
I tried on the vintage slim jeans and IMO they run a whole size big--if you downsize they look a little bit cuter. Still undecided if they are too trendy, though! :)

A Bigger Closet said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures of these pieces. I was sorry to read the pencil skirts didn't work for you. I ordered a couple with the 20% sale last week, so keeping my fingers crossed that I can wear them. Length won't be a problem for me, I just don't like the idea of lumps and bumps showing. :)
Oy! I hear you about those 80's jeans. That's exactly what they remind me of too. :) Did you try the new pencil denims? They're suprisingly flattering and may work for you too - more casual with flats or dressed up with heels.

gigiofca said...

Haha! I put my foot through the slash in those jeans, too.

The corsage tee is fantastic on you. Definitely a winner!

Anonymous said...

Yep! The only thing I liked was the Corsage Tee! That Tee is beautiful!!!

Jordan said...

Ugghh...these jeans are horrible. I tried them on in my regular size and they fell off...I tried the size down and they still looked horrible. I'm not sure what body type they would look good on? I think that they are so shapeless that they are unflattering on most.

Jordan said...

That corsage tee looks fabulous on you though!!!