Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome to My Crappy Day!

What do you do when you’re having a Crappy Day?

I’m having one of those days. You know…. When there’s nothing really wrong but for some reason, I’m just feeling downright blue and nothing can cheer me up???.

Do you have those days?

I don’t get them often but when I do, it sucks …. Like it sucks royally, like it does right now at this very moment.

For the life of me, I can’t seem to put my finger on what’s needling me but when I get like this, I normally….

1.) Go Shopping.
I went shopping during my lunch hour today. First place I went to was the Drug Store and bought myself a nice fat bag of Candy Coated Easter Eggs. Yes, I know, Easter is over but so what???!!! These Eggies are now 50% off and they taste way better when they are on sale

Then I went and walked in the mall, Pacific Centre Mall to be exact. I window shopped at Club Monaco and found a few really cute pieces that I really, really want but am refusing to buy for they were, in my opinion, ridiculously expensive – even though they were super cute. And then I walked over to Jacob where I found some really cute polka dot socks. I love cute, fancy socks. Although no one can really see what’s on my feet since my boots or shoes normally cover them anyway, I love the fact knowing that I have the cutest pair of socks on. They were having a special on the socks – 3 pairs for $15. So I picked up 2 pairs of the Pewter Dots on Heather Charcoal plus 1 pair of the Teal Dots on Slate socks. I also picked up a really cute Halter Top in a Cotton Knit fabric which is reminiscent of something one would wear on the French Riviera. I can sooooo see this with cropped white sailor pants - which I don't own, just in case you were wondering - but I can always imagine, couldn't I??? I was going to describe the top but it’s just easier to post pictures – which I will shortly.

Then I walked into H & M for a look-see. I get soooo overwhelmed whenever I walk into H & M. I have difficulty dealing with racks upon racks of clothing. Feeling overwhelmed as usual, I walked out after lasting a mere 5 minutes.

I walked by Bebe and saw the cutest little dress in the window. I was ready to go in to check out the dress when I realized that the dress would never look half as good on me as it does on the mannequin for the mannequin had one of them 38-22-36 inch figures and legs up my armpits. So I kept on walking.

I walked into La Senza. Did you know that La Senza is owned by Victoria’s Secret? We don’t have a Victoria’s Secret in Canada but we have La Senza which in my humble opinion, does not come close to being what Victoria’s Secret is in the US. I still LOVE VS. La Senza is like a cheap knock-off … but since I can’t get VS here, I guess I will have to learn to live with La Senza. Anyway, I went in looking for underwear. I found the ones I wanted but they didn’t have it in the color I wanted. Seeing that I couldn’t find a sales person within the store, I left.

2.) Vacation Planning.
Nothing makes me feel better than planning a vacation. I love planning vacations – imagining in my little head where my husband, daughter and I are going to go next. Seeing that Vacation Planning allows me to go to my happy place, I decided that I would think about my next vacation.

Do we go to Scottsdale and stay at the Four Seasons Resort at Troon North – so that my husband can golf and our daughter can play in the pool and I can go shopping to my hearts content? Or maybe we should go to Cancun and stay at the Royal Sands – afterall Kitty (that’s not my daughter's real name. That's what her friends call her at school) was just talking about going back to Cancun this very morning in the car on the way to school. … or maybe, just maybe we could go to Cabo and spend a week at the Cabo Azul Resort and Spa. It’s slightly longer of a flight than to Phoenix and there’ll be a beach for Kitty to play on, it would be great!

But then I remembered my husband saying that he really wants to go to Scottsdale in the Fall so I guess Cancun and Cabo would be completely out of the question. Seeing that Vacation Planning wasn’t making me any happier, I turned to my next comfort activity.

3.) Eating.
Remember that fat 200g bag of Eggies, well, I polished half of it off planning our next vacation. Suddenly realizing that I ate half a bag of eggies, I folded up the other half and put it away. By the way, eating all that chocolate didn’t make me feel any better. In fact, it made me feel sorta FAT. Oh well.

4.) Blog.
Since I wasn’t getting any satisfaction from any of my usual “Make Me Feel Better” activities, I decided that I would blog about my crappy day. And for some reason, writing about what I did to make me feel better about my crappy day is… weirdly… making me feel better. I’m certainly feeling lighter (no, I’m not talking about the chocolates I ate) – I’m talking figuratively that is.

You know, I still don’t know what the hell is needling at me but at least, I’m feeling somewhat less anxious compared to when I left the office at noon to go shopping.

So, let’s hear it. What do you do when are you are having a Crappy Day? Do you shop? Eat? Drink? Cry? Blog? What makes you feel good when you are down in the dumps?


Tamstyles said...

sorry your having a crappy day...i understand your pain..i try not to let it bother my honey, but sometimes you just need to vent, or be left alone..either two!

Petunia said...

Oh, we all have those days!!!
I can tell you that nothing makes me feel better than a good productive shopping trip!! LOL!

ashley said...

i hope your day brightens up... usually i'll eat chocolate (like you did) mainly twix or peanut butter cups... but that makes me feel like a piggy after that. i usually end up crying, listening to music, or watching a romantic comedy! the movie usually turns my frown upside-down!

all of your vacation planning ideas seems so great! i'm totally jealous!

KatyO. said...

Yesterday, I ate dark chocolate dipped in cream cheese frosting. Today, I channeled my inner-child and had bright orange mac n' cheese. I am having several crappy days. :| It will pass, though. I hope tomorrow is better for you!

Jackie said...

Yep, we ALL have those days. My favorite thing to do is get into bed, under the covers with a good book or maybe bad television like Real Housewives. Hope you're feeling better!

fidele said...

Running or walking and wine. In that order!!! Usually, I figure out what's bothering me on the run.

Hope you feel better today!

I have a question about shopping. I know you drive down to Washington to visit J. Crews. Do you think that there's a better selection at the Bellevue store than at the U. Village? I drive "up" from a ways and can only fit in one trip on the 25% card. Which store? Thanks.

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

I hope you are having a better day today! Hang in there...we all have those days and can completely relate to what you're feeling! Big Hugs from me! :)

Crystal said...

I hate crappy days. I've been having many of them here lately. The weather in KY is awful. One day it's 75 and sunny and the next it's 40 and rainy. Doesn't do well for seasonal depression!!

Usually, shopping makes me feel better but I've gotten to where I hate shopping for myself so I shop for my kids. I usually feel some sort of relief from that. Usually I just sit here all lazy and veg on the net.

I hope you feel better! :-)

C said...

three crappy days in a row here but that is because it has been 40F, raining and no sun at .....BTW, I was looking at BarbieCollector.com and you can still get a Malibu Barbie for $39....there is no JCrew Barbie (yet) but there are a lot of other ones.... I did have Barbies as a child and I think that is the source of my clothing obsessions.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thank you Tamstyles for your kind words. I needed to vent alright! Thanks for listening! :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

You're soooo right Petunia. Shopping normally does it for me! The more I spend, the better I feel.... until I get my Visa Bill that is. LOL!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Hi Ashley, I've never tried the movie thing. I should really try that. I am normally a Savory Snacker person - Chips is what I normally chomp on when I'm in a funk but I only had chocolates yesterday and yes, I felt like a little piggy afterwards. But next time, I should try a movie and maybe some light popcorn?

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

KatyO, Dark Chocolate in Cream Cheese frosting sounds to die for!!! YUM!!! Mac and Cheese sounds fabulous as well. You're making me super hungry and it's past 10pm and I really shouldn't be eating anymore tonight.

BTW, did you know that Kraft Dinner now makes a Mac and Cheese type Cracker Snack? I got some for my daughter the other day for school and ate a bunch myself. They're GOOOOOOOD!!!!!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Jackie, I like the idea of getting under the covers.... particularly on a cold rainy day. Good plan for the next time I'm in a funk!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Fidele, definitely the activity before the wine. Otherwise, it could get a little rocky on the walk / run. lol!

As for Bellevue versus U. Village, I have never been to U Village myself. I only ever go to Bellevue - only because the people at Bellevue tell me that their store is larger than U Village and downtown. I'm sorry that I'm not much help.

When are you planning on going? I'm planning on going down either this weekend or next (it will likely be next coz there's just too much happening this weekend). Where are you driving up from?

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thanks FFM! You're always such an Angel! I'm soooo glad you're back! :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Hi Crystal, shopping - I agree, is the best therapy out there. I would pick shopping any day over lying on some therapist's couch. At least I'll be able to wear what I've spent my money on. I don't think I'll look very good with a couch on. lol!

BTW, I love shopping for my daughter kitty as well. Too bad she doesn't feel the same way about shopping as I do. One day! I know she will, one day!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

C Sorry to hear about your 3 crappy days in a row. That just sucks big time. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

Oooooh! J Crew Barbie would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool! I can already see it. We'll dress in coordinating outfits daily. I WANT A J CREW BARBIE!!!!

Anonymous said...

"One of Those Days"--check out my blog for a music video I just posted that may cheer you up!

fidele said...

Hi J. Crew girl -- Well, I work on Saturdays, so I usually try to play hooky and go mid-week. This time probably not till the 23rd or 27th (before my 25% expires!). I think I'll try Bellevue, thanks. The U. Village store is very friendly and there are lots of other good places to shop there. The downtown store has a very small selection; they cut the floorspace in half, from two stories of Pacific Place to one.

I come up from Olympia. . . not as far as you. I've only been to the new outlet spot at Quilceda once, how about you?