Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today's Outfit - Dark Chambray with Paisley Coppelle

This was actually yesterday's outfit. I didn't have a chance to post last night for I got home late from the Screening of the new Hannah Montana movie. Oh My Gosh! I have never seen that many girls, ranging from 3 years old to 14 at one time. I honestly didn't quite know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the movie and I can so see some of her friends wanting to do a Birthday Movie party around this movie.

If you have a daughter between the ages of 3 and 14, and she likes Hannah, I highly recommend that you see it. I honestly didn't know how they would handle the "kissing scene" for Hannah falls-in-love in the movie and I have to say, Disney handled it extremely well.

Anyway, here's what I wore yesterday:
Paisley Coppelle Sweater
Dark Chambray Skirt
Stone Fireball Ribbon Necklace (my creation) - though, I don't necessarily think that it was a good piece to wear with this sweater. There's so much happening on the sweater that the necklace seems kinda lost in it.
Rampage Dark Brown Round Toe Chunky Heels


gigiofca said...

I like that outfit. Cute.

gigiofca said...

Oh -- and I like the necklace with it. It definitely compliments it.

♥ Chloe said...

Darling outfit! I like you in skirts. You have very nice legs.

*wiggles eyebrows* *runs away*

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit. I have the same skirt and don't love the look with the sloppy white shirt on top that JCrew styled with it, but I love your look with the sweater. :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thank you gigiofca. You're soooo sweet! I like this outfit but I'm thinking that it's still kinda dark for spring. I'm going to try pairing it with an Ivory skirt the next time for a Spring look.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Chloe, thank you. Interesting you should say that I have nice legs, because I personally hate my legs. I've always thought that my legs are way too muscular and I would prefer to have thinner, less muscular legs. I've told this to my friends and they all think I'm nuts. Which goes to show that we're never happy with what we have, doesn't it? LOL!

I love wearing skirts as well but I'm chicken when it comes to the cold and would prefer to be warm rather than fashionable. But since it's slowly getting warmer, you will be seeing more skirts.

Thanks again!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thank you Betsy. This Dark Chambray is actually from last summer's line. It looks very much like the Nicky from this year's line. The only difference is the buttons at the waist. Last year, there weren't any buttons. It is in essence the same skirt and yes, I agree, I don't particularly like it styled with the white shirt. I think it looks great on Lauren Hutton but on me, I would just look like a big slob. lol!