Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Latest and Newest Resolution.

My latest resolution. Well,…. the latest that you know about, that is. This resolution has been in effect for 2-1/2 weeks now.

What is this new resolution you ask? Quit Smoking? No, sorry, I don’t smoke? Quit Drinking? Really! Like I would really stop doing that? Quit Shopping? … Well, that’s still on my to-do list. So what is it?

As crazy and as trivial as it sounds, my new resolution is to change my purse weekly.

I know. It sounds soooooo trivial and sooooo superficial in light of everything that is going on in the world today but to me, (and only to me), it’s a great resolution.

Let me tell you why. You see, I have a lot of purses and handbags. Well, okay, maybe compared to other serious shopaholics out there, my collection is small, but based on my circle of friends, my collection is significant.

So, how many purses and handbags are we really talking about here? Well, I have about 17 handbags / purses – not including any evening clutches or sport-sacs, travel-sacs, etc. I have about 17 handbags that I could technically carry to work, go out on a social basis, etc. But the problem is, I always stick to 1 bag – a Coach Shoulder Bag that sits right under my arm. I carry that poor thing everyday, in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. I’m just too darn lazy to move everything from one bag to another – hence, I carry the same thing everyday.

Then about 3 weeks ago, I decided that I was being absolutely silly for having all these bags and not enjoying them. For instance, I have a wool Burberry bag that I purchased about 2 years ago that I have yet to carry – not even once! Isn’t that just down-right crazy?

Anyway, over drinks after work, one Friday evening, while on the subject of fashion, I told P and C (the other 2 Fashion-Forward Managers (FFMs) on my floor) that I was going to start changing my purse weekly. And that's how my latest resolution began.

So, how do I like my new resolution? Well, I’m really loving it. I’m loving the fact that I’m using what I already own without having to run out and buy something new. Since I am rotating my purses every week and since I have 17 of them, by the time I get around to carrying the first purse in my rotation, it would be like carrying a brand new purse. I’m loving this resolution.

However, like all resolutions, there is an aspect of my new purse-rotation that sucks. That is…… My purse doesn’t always coordinate with my outfits for the week. I guess I could change my purse – but that would require waaaaay too much effort on my part so I guess I’ll just learn to live with the fact that my purse doesn’t quite match my outfit….. or my other option is to create my outfit based on the purse I’ll be carrying for the week.

Hey! I like that idea!!!

So, there! That’s my latest resolution.

How do you handle your handbag sitauation? What do you do? Do you change your purse daily? Weekly? Monthly? Seasonally? Never? I’d love to hear what you do with respect to your purses, handbags, etc. I hope you’ll share.


Anonymous said...

LOL, I think that's a pretty fun resolution. I made myself start doing it a while ago too, since so many of my beloved bags were lying in neglect. I've found it's easiest if you have a smaller pouch or organizer that you carry some essentials in (tissues, advil, lip gloss, hair pins, whatever), so when you transfer purses, you just pick up your wallet, your phone and the pouch and put them in the new bag...makes it easy peasy to switch bags spur of the moment :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Goldenmeans, what an ingenious idea! I like that. I think I will do just that! I really don't carry much in my purse. I have my cell, my wallet, tissue and keys. That's it. I don't even carry any make-up whatsoever (due to sheer laziness) so your strategy ought to work well for me. Great idea!

Paisley & Pearls said...

My handbag collection used to be HUGE! A few years ago when I was on a Kate Spade kick and owned over 10, I would use a different bag almost everyday! Now I stick with my LV Speedy and that's it. I've been looking for a summer bag to start changing it up a bit!

Genny said...

Well, I change my purse every one to two weeks but sometimes I change 2 or 3 times a week. I have a pursekit organizer which makes it easy. I am almost afraid to say this but I have over 60 bags in totes (some are my grandmothers)and I have got to change them often to use them all!