Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My J Crew Saturday.

3 days ago - on Saturday, I drove to WA state to spend my 25% Red Card that Joan so generously gave to me as discussed in this post here.

Did you see how I didn't say I drove to Bellevue?

The reason I didn't say I drove to Bellevue is because I not only went to Bellevue but also to U Village. I WENT TO TWO J CREW STORES. That's right! It was a virginal J Crew moment for me. I have never been to 2 J Crew stores in one day and after that experience, let me tell you, there's just no going back!

From now on, whenever I plan on going across the border to go shopping, I will certainly be visiting both J Crew stores.

And while I had the impression that Bellevue was the larger of the two stores (okay - it's because Bellevue told me that), I personally think that the U Village store is actually larger than the Bellevue store. As far as selection goes, they are about the same but I like the fact that the U Village store is not as congested and that there's breathing room.

A funny thing happened while visiting the U Village store. And naturally, I can't help feeling somewhat stupid about the entire situation but here's what happened.

Upon entering the store, I noticed a large man, in his late 30s standing near the front doors. He was nicely dressed and well groomed. Seeing that my husband hates shopping, I couldn't help but think that he was waiting for his girlfriend / fiancee / wife and thought to myself - gee, I wish my husband would do that for me ... that is, wait patiently for me while I shopped. I thought that he was being very patient and very generous.

I picked up a bunch of stuff, gave it to the nice lady who proceeded to set up my change room for me. I walked around some more, gave her more stuff and more stuff and still noticed that he was still waiting for his lady. Anyway, after looking around the entire store and having tried everything on, I came out to find him still standing there. Well, at this point, I was feeling downright sorry for this poor man. I figured, hey if I could talk this long in the store, I'm sure his girl could as well. But since her man was a part of their day out, she really ought to get her act together, buyswhat she needs and leave already!

I had made up my mind to go home and tell my husband what an amazing man I saw at the J Crew store today - one who was extremely patient while waiting for his woman - when the man in question walked up to the Sales Assistant I was dealing with to tell her that he was going on his break.

What???!!! What do you mean ... Going on his break??!!

Isn't he a kind, patient and and generous man waiting for his girl? Oh My Gosh! He was Security!

At that very moment, I honestly felt like I had lived my entire life under a rock. I mistook Security for a quality I was looking in my husband... which leads me to think that if I paid my husband, would he actually wait in a store for me while I shopped?

Er........ Likely NOT!

BTW, I will be posting pictures of what I purchased plus review of items I tried on starting tomorrow. So please be sure to come back and read them.

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fidele said...

I went to Bellevue yesterday. U Village is my regular. I did see more shoes at Bellevue, and some swimwear, both of which are never at U. Village. But overall, I think I'll stick with U. Village from now on. I like the whole shopping scene better there.