Thursday, April 30, 2009

J Crew Reviews

As you know, I drove to both the U Village plus the Bellevue J Crew Stores on Saturday. I spent about 2 hours in each store and had an opportunity to try on lots of stuff.

Unlike the last time I went to Bellevue, I did bring my camera along with me this time - with the intent to take pictures. I managed to take a couple of pictures - of which I will post shortly, but I did not take many. The reason being that both stores were packed and there was a line-up for the Change Room. And although I wanted desperately to take more pictures, I felt guilty for tying up the room. Furthermore, I was feeling rather self-conscious hearing the shutter go off everytime I took a shot. So, my apologies that I don't have many in-store pictures of what I had tried on but I do have pictures of what I bought - which I will be posting in the coming days.


I managed to find one of these Frenchie Slickers in the Sale Section in a Tan shade (sorry, I don't know the actual name of it). It was on sale for $99.99 (I believe). I tried it on in a size 2. I normally wear a size 4 jacket (just in case you were looking for a comparison). The size 2 fits but it was snugger than what I would normally wear. I liked the color - for it was timeless and I really liked the ruffles on the collar and the sleeves. But the one thing that I wasn't crazy about was the placement of the belt tie. The loops for the belt was situated quite high (in my opinion) - around one's natural waist. I personally like my belts a little lower - say about an inch above my belly button - but having it quite that high made it feel uncomfortable. Needless to say, I didn't get it. I'm glad that I had an opportunity to try this jacket on for now that I know of its' fit, I would likely not be getting it unless it went on a crazy sale and I could have it tailored to where I like it to sit.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the concept of this hat. It is a nice soft straw material; it is soft enough that if it got squished in my luggage white travelling, it would have still looked good when I arrived at my destination. The color combination is amazing; I love the bright yellow and natural straw combination. And lastly, I love how large the brim is; prior to trying the hat on, I could honestly see myself wearing this beautiful hat, walking down the promenade in the South of France, dressed all in white and looking tres chic! But having had the opportunity to try it on, it is the brim I truly hate. The brim is so large and floppy that when I tried looking at my reflection in the mirror, I couldn't even see myself. All I could see was the floppy brim. The brim came down past my nose and blocked my entire view. In order for me to see my reflection in the mirror, I had to tilt my had back substantially. I don't think I would look particularly chic strolling the shops in the French Riviera with my head tilted back like that, would I? This hat also fits generously - and maybe that's why it blocks my view. I have a big head. Take my word for it. I truly hate my big head. But this hat made my head feel small since I still had lots of room left. So if you have a small or regular size head, I'd suggest that you try this on before buying because it could honestly swallow you whole. Needless to say, I didn't get the hat either.

Did you know that this hat comes in 2 different colors? The darker straw with the Shell Flower and a lighter straw with a yellow flower. I didn't know that when shopping online. Doesn't the hat look cute in the picture? Unfortunately this hat didn't work for me. Firstly, this hat will not travel well. The hat is well-formed and would get crushed in my luggage. Additionally, it didn't look as cute on. I know that the style says Fedora - but in my little pea-brain, I was hoping that it would be less Fedora and a little more Floppy / Sun Hat like. Unfortunately, it's pretty much a Fedora hat - read, small brim. What I need is a hat that is a cross between the Floppy and the Fedora hat. I guess I'll keep looking.

Gotta run now. Lunch is over. I will post more tomorrow. I would tonight but the puck drops at 6pm and I've got to cheer my boys on. Go Canucks Go!

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