Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's a Charmed Life - Vintage Numb3rs Charm Bracelet

Here's another one of my new creations. I've just been on such a Charm Bracelet kick lately and was intent on designing a few for myself.

Anyway, I've designed 2 thus far. The first was the "Love's in the Air - AMORE charm Bracelet seen here, and here's my other - the Vintage Numb3rs Charm Bracelet.

I designed this as a year round, all-purpose bracelet - meaning that I could wear it in all 4 seasons, be it dressed up with say a skirt or pant suit for work; or dressed down with jeans for an evening out with friends.

This whimsical bracelet has an antique charm about it. I certainly think that it's the vintage style tokens with its antique brass finish, old world numbers under a unusual green dome, large faceted black resin beads, irredicent Chartreuse beads and the antique finish link bracelet, all lends itself to years gone by.

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