Monday, April 13, 2009

Goodbye Dear Friend...

Yesterday, my husband and I buried a dear friend of mine.

Although I had only known my friend for 20 months, I had grown to become very fond of her - despite the fact that I wasn't crazy about her when she first came to live with us. But through her, I became healthier - both physically and mentally, and because of her, I became a different person. She helped sculpt me into the person I am today, literally.

So, yes, it was difficult parting with her yesterday... but the smell at the Dump was overwhelming and I couldn't wait to get out of there.

NO! I'm not heartless! We didn't bury our pet at the Dump. What kind of person did you think I am???!!! My husband and I buried our Elliptical Machine. And if you must know, it was my husband who KILLED her!

Until about 20 months ago, I lead a pretty sedentary life. I wasn't much of an exercise / activity type person. Then, an activity would consist of sitting on the couch, exercising my jaw on a bag of potato chips. Sad picture, isn't it?

Needless to say, I was not a picture of health. At 5'3" tall, I weighed 175 lbs and was wearing a size L top and was between a size 14 and size 16 pant.

But I had good intentions. While I wouldn't go to the Gym, I would tell my husband that if only we had a Treadmill at home, I would be able to work out and lose some weight. But my husband being as frugal as he is, kept suggesting that I walk the 3 blocks to the gym.

Needless to say, I didn't.

Then one day, my husband returned home to tell me about an Elliptical Machine he saw at, of all places, London Drugs - a Drug Store! He said that it was only $350 and he was considering buying it. I told him that I would rather invest in a sturdier, more expensive machine. He refused to hear of it. He specifically stated that he wasn't going to spend $1000 for an Elliptical that would eventually become a Clothing Butler.
Since we were at an impasse, we forgot about the machine... or so I thought!

Obviously, he didn't, for 2 weeks later on a Saturday, he came home and said, "Honey, I bought an Elliptical!". My first reaction was, "Why did you spend $350 on a flimsy machine without first talking it over with me". His response was, "I didn't spend $350! It was only $100!"


Okay, despite the fact that I wanted a sturdier machine, $100 really was a good deal! I couldn't possibly fault my husband for that!

So our new $100 Elliptical went into our Family Room. It sat in the corner for about a month before I decided to get on it.

Laugh all you want, but the first time, I got on our cheapy Elliptical, I lasted 3 minutes. Man! It was a tough workout! But then in my defence, I was 175 lbs and I hadn't worked out since the months leading up to my wedding - so, that was like, 11 years ago!!!!

But with each day, I became stronger. My workouts went from 3 minutes to 10 minutes, then to 20 minutes then 30, and occassionally, they would be as long as 90 minutes.

Of course by this time, I had laid full-claim to the machine. This little $100 machine that my husband brought home in his Camry, was now MINE, all mine! It wasn't a fancy machine by any stretch of the imagination. She was a basic Elliptical. She offered no levels, no distance, nothing! She didn't even plug in. All she had was a tiny little screen that showed the length of my work-0ut and this little clock worked completely on manual labor... meaning that it counted as long as I was peddling. She was truly a sad little machine but I loved her nonetheless.

Since she lived downstairs in our Family Room, working out was easy. I would get up at 5am on weekdays, change into my workout gear, walk downstairs and hop on my little machine. Since I loved her soooooo much, some days, I would work out twice a day!

One day, about a year back, she became ill. She squeeked and groaned while I paddled on her. She truly sounded sick. I called my dad and had him come over to check her out. My dad is the best fixer-upper guy in the whole wide world. If anyone could fix anything, my dad could!
He opened my little machine up, inspected her closely and then told me that she had a crack in her front frame - where her upright arm met her base. I was devastated! She had to be re-welded together but he couldn't do it for me. She needed to be fixed by a Professional Welder.

My dad was kind enough to find a Professional Welder who offered to weld my little machine back for $200 and she would be gone for a week! TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS???!!! ONE WEEK???!!! While the cost of the repair was Waaaaaaaaay more than my husband had spent on this machine I was more upset with having her gone for 7 days! But since I loved her so, I relented and had her rewelded.

My dad delivered her home and she stuck with me for another year UNTIL, my husband decided that he was going to start working out as well.

As you know, she was a delicate little machine. She wasn't built for a guy, let alone a guy who was going to run on her and kick the crap out of her!

My husband, who used to be a runner, decided that he couldn't just work out on her like any normal human being. He decides that since he couldn't increase the resistance on my little machine, he would simply increase his speed instead. And by doing this, he ran my little machine into the ground. After 5 days of kicking the shit out of my little Elliptical, I got on one morning (I hadn't been working out for a while for I had Walking Pneumonia) to a horrible deathly noise. It was awful! It was soooo bad that I could hear the noise over the music from my iPod. I immediately called my dad when I got to the office and asked that he come over and check out my machine. He was there when I got home and that's when he told me the news.

She was done. There was no saving her. My darling husband had killed my dear friend. He completedly cracked the back of the frame and almost tore through the belt. The only reason that she hadn't keeled over was because there was about a 1" piece of metal that was keeping her upright. I asked if we could possibly bring it back to the professional welder guy but there was no point in that.

She was done.

It was truly hard to say goodbye to my dear friend. She changed my life literally! With her help, I lost 50 lbs and dropped 5 clothing size AND gained much needed confidence. She changed my lifestyle and in essence, my life.

AND... She was only $100!

It was truly hard to say goodbye to my dear friend... That was until they delivered my new Machine!

Meet my new Man Friend - He's the Octane. He not only looks tough, HE'S TOUGH!

He came to live with us as of yesterday. After a life-changing 20 months, and having proved to my husband that an Elliptical isn't going to turn into an expensive Clothing Butler, I was able to convince him to part with $3,000 and get me this new heavy-duty machine. Isn't HE handsome????!!!

And he'll give my husband a run for his money! Welcome to my home, Big Boy!

Here are a couple of Before Weight-Loss and After Weight-Loss Pictures.


Husband and I in Puerto Vallarta 3 years ago. I wasn't at my heaviest yet. I was about 165 lbs in these pictures. I was wearing a size L in tops and size 12-14 in bottoms.


These pictures were taken in January on our Mexican Riviera Cruise. I was 125 lbs, wearing a size S in tops and size 4 in bottom.


Shasta said...

Oh girl! I understand this way too well! Last year when my tread mill broke, really, really broke, I layed down and cried for so long. That treadmill had really helped me and I was a bit addicted to working out on it. The next day my husband came home with a new one, a really great one. The one that died, I bought at Kmart for around $250, it was amazing that it even lasted the 2 years that it did. Your photos are great proof of your accomplishments! I'm wishing you lots of good luck to get a new one!

RatsOnParade said...

Wow! What a DRASTIC difference! Good for you for making that happen...and keeping up with it! It's just unbelievable how much your face can change when there's so much weight lost (who knew we collected so much of that fat in our faces?)

I've been going through the same thing for the last two years...I remember when I started going 10 minutes was unthinkable (now I'm up to 30-60 minutes at a time). It's hard to keep to it - but you look fantastic! The hard work has certainly paid off. Congrats to you and your new über-powered elliptical! Keep up the great work! :)

ashley said...

wow you look amazing! congrats to you! :)

sparrowsandsparkles said...

Wowzie! What a dramatic change!! Congratulations on the amazing results from all your hard work. :)

Mslay said...

Wow, amazing story that took me through a loop. You look so good and you just used a cheap lil eliptical. Good for you, hoep you inspire others to workout more. Im def inspired.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thank you Shasta. My husband couldn't understand why I was so heartbroken when my little Elliptical died. I'm so glad to hear that you can thoroughly relate to what I was going through.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

RatsOnParade, I agree. I cannot believe how much fat one is capable of carrying on one's face - though I have to say that losing face fat is not all that easy. The first place that went was my boobs, then my waist and hips. I had to lose about 20 lbs before I started to see it in my face. For a while there, I had a smaller frame but still a big round moon-like face. lol!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thank you Ashley for your kind words. :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thank you SparrowsandSparkles. It certainly was a lot of hard work, I'd say but having a machine in one's basement made it easy to work out for there really was no excuse for not working out.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Mslay, what I learnt from the 20 months I had my little Elliptical was that I didn't need an expensive machine or magic diet pills or crazy diet to lose the weight. There's really no secret to losing weight. It's basically this: Eat clean and work out.

I added lots of fruits and vegetables, minimized the amount of Carbs I consumed (including chips and pop) and did 30 minutes of Cardio and 15 minutes of free-weights 5 days a week.

The first 20 lbs was easy - I lost it in 2 months. The 2nd 20 lbs took me another 4 months. The next 10 took me over 14 months. Although it took me a long time, it wasn't a diet I was on. It was a lifestyle change - and I'm loving my current lifestyle!

I'm glad to be an inspiration. I am certainly no expert but if you or anyone else needs inspiration, I've got loads to share. You're all welcome to join me on my journey.

My goal is to eventually be 119 lbs.

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how much I identify with this post! I read your post after my (hardcore!) treadmill workout tonight and reading it gave me that emotional boost I always need!

You are an inspiration! And a beautiful one at that! Bravo!

PS My treadmill is also in our family room, perfect place for it! No danger of becoming a clothes hanger! ;)

fiyah said...

You are awesome and a inspiration! I really enjoyed your story. I am sure you will enjoy your new machine.

♥ Chloe said...

Oh holy freaking MOLY woman, what a difference! You look great! Congrats on the weight loss, that's a huge thing to accomplish.

I keep lusting after a fancy elliptical myself...even though I work at a gym and technically have them at my disposal (for free!) whenever I'd like. I'd just like to have one at home, though, for those days I don't feel like hauling my butt out of the house and to the gym. Someday, someday...

dinagideon said...

Yay on your weight loss. My dad is actually giving me his treadmill to use ('cause getting out of the house with two kids is rough). I love walking at home (esp. if I can watch tv...two birds with one stone and all that) so I know what you feel for your old machine.

I hope you have a great day!

Julia said...

Wow! I'm super impressed, congratulations!! I know how hard it is to change your lifestyle like you did, last spring I did a total 180 and dropped 30 pounds and went from a size 8 to a size 2! How exciting that you have a new machine though, keep up your hard work, you look fabulous!

AppGal said...

ha! you had me truly thinking a friend of yours had funny :)

And WOW--what a dramatic change!! You look fantastic, and I know you feel even better because you lost the weight the "old-fashioned" way and not through some kind of drastic, unhealthy change! too many people want the easy way out, and they don't realize how unhealthy that is! kudos to you for being so dedicated. and as an added bonus, losing weight makes you feel so much better in your clothing, as I've found to be very true :)

A Bigger Closet said...

Wow! What a wonderful post and thank you for sharing your inspiring story and photos with us.

Kudos to you for staying with your fitness routine/lifestyle changes for so long. All that hard work really shows - you look fantastic! :)

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

You look AMAZING!!! What a phenomenal transformation! You should be so proud of yourself, and I'm sure you just feel so much better and more energetic now, too! Congrats on the new machine! :)