Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dear Easter Bunny ....

I know Easter is over now but yesterday while picking up after my daughter, I found this letter under our Living Room Sofa addressed to, The Easter Bunny.

Originally thinking that it was my daughter doodling on a piece of paper, I started reading it only to realize that it was a genuine letter from her to the Easter Bunny. I thought it was soooooo sweet that I felt compelled to share it with you. (Just in case you were wondering, I did get her permission to share this letter with you).

My daughter Kitty (not her real name) is 9 years old - she just turned 9 in late February. She's quite a character. Here's her unedited letter with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, etc.

Dear Easter Bunny, on your way around the world please stop at Mini Clip Headquarters and leave a note saying my entery for the scetch star competition was the best. I have watched it several times and I think it is great. If you do not belive me, go downstairs and check if the computer is on. If it is not make sure the light in the computer room is on. Then go to the other computer and press the on button. then go to miniclip and log me in. Then go to scetch star and look at "my animations" look at the only one there. Watch it. if you think it is good check this box.
Kitty draws a box with an arrow pointing to the box. She also signs her name. But then I guess she realizes that she's missed something so she writes the following...

P.S. fold this note up and leave it or bring it with you downstairs. I would like you to chose #1.
Last week, Kitty had created an Animation Sketch for a Mini Clip competition. She was sooo proud of her creation and was hell-bent on winning even though the rules stated that she had to be 12 years old in order to compete. Needless to say, she didn't win. But Kudos to her for even trying and even resorting to having someone with clout (ie. The Easter Bunny) help her by pulling a few string. LOL! Good Job Kitty!


ashley said...

Aw that is so cute! What a cute daughter you have! :)

sparrowsandsparkles said...

Very sweet and clever! I hope you had a great Easter :)

Zoë Moët said...

I work in tech support and I'm pretty sure your daughter is better at it than I am!

Although...I'm not sure how I feel about the easter bunny knowing my password :)

So cute!

Paper Bag Princess said...

Oh my gosh - check this box. Too cute.