Monday, March 30, 2009

Today's Outfit - Pretty Metallic Guava

As you know, I normally prefer to wear a Graphic Tee plus Cardi to work - you know, for that casual yet business appropriate attire. But today was different. I had to attend a client meeting with one of our Sales Rep hence, I had to look entirely professional.

Seeing that it's still cold out (I promise, as soon as it warms up, I will honestly quit complaining about how freaking cold it is!), I wore a long sleeve tee under my 3/4 sleeve length jacket. I really like the look of a long sleeve under a shorter sleeve garment. To add punch to my stolid outfit, I added Metallic Guava - in a bag plus coordinating shoes.

I think that the overall effect is professional yet somewhat unexpected .... which I really like. I love the unexpected when it comes to fashion. Don't you?

Here's today's outfit:

Long Sleeve Perfect Fit Tee in Black
Coppelle Paisley Jacket
Black Trousers from BR
2 strand Giant Matte Pearl Braclets
Thompson Tote in Metallic Guava
Claudia Crackle Metallic Pumps in Metallic Guava

1 comment:

fidele said...

I love that jacket on you! Fresh look. . . some of us can get in a cardigan/tee rut . . .